An older man blackmailed a girl and forced her to have sex: If you are not mine, I will publish your naked photos

The torture for this twenty-year-old girl lasted for more than seven months

The torment lasted for more than seven months for this twenty-year-old girl from Kocani, a little city at the east of Macedonia, who was blackmailed by a man M. L. (46) from the same city to have sex with him. 

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Rapacious M.L. threatened the girl, whose initials were not announced by the police, that he will publish her compromising photos unless she becomes "his slave".

The girl endured that fearing that her nude photos will appear on social media and that her closest will see, and that would be a disaster for her because everybody knows everybody in such a small city.


In the end, she mustered the courage to report the entire case to the police.

- A 20 year-old-girl from Kocani reported yesterday at 20:30 that M.L. forced her to have a sexual intercourse on several occasions since November last year, under threat that he will publish her photos of compromising material - they reported from the police.

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