The first president of Northern Macedonia elected: Pendarovski declared victory and sent a message to the people

"They are offering 500 euros to them to say that they had sex with me when they were boys": Marija Lukic sent us the ENTIRE MESSAGES

Sasa crossed 200 km, he is carrying a cross on his back and a strong message to the reckless politicians (PHOTO)

Welcome to the Croatian Republic of Herzeg Bosnia: A provocative poster appeared on border crossing between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (PHOTO)

Bosnian in the United States committed a robbery: They easily found him using one detail and now he is waiting for prison!

This is what Tito told to every student in Yugoslavia (PHOTO)

Bosnian made us laugh with his photos, and now he wrote a letter to his daughter before the wedding which made everybody cry

Croat found a message on his car every man is dreaming about (PHOTO)

Man from Belgrade left a top notice to the neighbors: People, i have graduated. Half a city will come to me! (PHOTO)

Regular flight over the Kraljevo turned into a fairy tale of Tamara and Nebojsa: She looked to the ground, and there was a beautiful message (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Serbs and Bosniaks from Srebrenica with a trumpets celebrated the end of school: They showed love and unity, and sent a strong message to politicians (PHOTO)

Comtrade and Viber, with joint forces, created an option because of which you won't go to the bank anymore: Atanas Raykov discovered why it will cause a boom in the world (PHOTO)

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