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Bosnian in the United States committed a robbery: They easily found him using one detail and now he is waiting for prison!

The only problem is that he left his fingerprints on the message, so he was immediately arrested

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Muamer Mehmedovic robbed the bank in the United States and he stole $5.000. However, he was soon arrested because he was carrying a message "I have a gun - give me $5.000. Thank you". He left his finger along with the message.

Like in the craziest movie: He escaped the prison, he saw what was going on in Zadar, he returned and he begged the guards to take him back

The message was immediately sent to the crime lab.

The technicians managed to find 8 fingerprints on the messages, and each of them was a match to Muamer Mehmedovic (22) who lives in Linwood.

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/Wavebreak

They described him as a big man with "Russian accent".

According to the American media, Mehmedovic came to the USA from Bosnia and Herzegovina when he was a child, and he lives in a house which is 15 minutes away from the bank.

- I didn't have any weapons, I swear to God, I completely messed up. I am not a bad person - said the robber who asked for a lawyer after his arrest.

He was released from county prison in Everett with the bail of 100.000 dollars, and Mehmedovic could face three and a half years in prison because of the robbery.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Klix.ba)

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