Sasa crossed 200 km, he is carrying a cross on his back and a strong message to the reckless politicians (PHOTO)

Pavlic said that carrying the cross to Zagreb is simply a message

Sasa Pavlic, a man with a cross, who walked for almost 200 km, arrived in Zagreb where he will come to Marko Square to pass his message to politicians. His helpers brought the cross to the city a few hours later.

Sasa is walking with a cross on his back from Rijeka to Zagreb: He is carrying it for all the children and all the parents of our "dear leaders of this people"

A protest was announced for 11 AM on Marko's square, and an event was created last night which gathered thousands of people, in order to join Sasa on the square, which is much more than he imagined, reports Index.hr.

Foto: Tanjug/HINA/Daniel KASAP

Sasa sent a message to the prime minister via his Twitter profile.

I invite the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Andrej Plenkovic, Minister of Health, Mr. Kujundzic, and the representatives of the Associations of the Sick people, to take advantage of today's moment and to find a solution to the problem of an inadequate child care system in Croatia today - he wrote.


To recall, he has been walking for days on the old highway from Rijeka to Zagreb, in order to send a message, as he said. And the message is something like this: "It is crazy that seriously sick children can't get medicine, and in the meantime, it was decided to spend 500 million dollars on used airplanes".

Pavlic said that carrying the cross to Zagreb is a simple message, and the final goal of the three walkers is Marko's square, where they will convey their message to the authorities. To those who decided that there is enough money for airplanes, and there isn't for children. 

Foto: Tanjug/HINA/Daniel KASAP

- The last drop was when I opened a daily newspaper and when I saw that the country doesn't have enough money for children medicine and to send them to clinical examinations, and some won't even get anything. On the next page, there was a news about 500 million dollars the state is preparing to pay for used airplanes. I think that the alarm should go off in everybody's head. It made me do what I am doing right now - Pavlovic said to Index.

Sasa had problems with his legs for two days and he asked for help. A physiotherapist came to his aid when he saw his cry for help, he fixed his leg so he can get to his goal, where he certainly won't be alone.


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