Pristina seeks for information from Serbian Prosecution for organized crime regarding the Ivanovic murder investigation (VIDEO)

Vucic after the visit to Kosovo: It wasn't easy or pleasant, but I am happy with the stay on Kosovo and Metohija because I did important work for the people

"LONG 9mm" - Everything about the gun used to cowardly murder Oliver Ivanovic in the back: Used by criminals and sought after in America (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

OLIVER IVANOVIC BURIED: Tears and cries of thousands of people tore the sky over New cemetery! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

I won't set foot there any longer, we are done with the city of fear, darkness, and pain: Milena Ivanovic said that she is not returning to Kosovo (VIDEO)

Brother Miroslav reveals to Telegraf why Oliver Ivanovic will be buried in Belgrade, and not on Kosovo (VIDEO)

Death in the bastion of the Balkan mafia, Mitrovica is a black hole: How the Germans are writing about the murder of Oliver Ivanovic (PHOTO)

INCONSOLABLE ENDLESS PROCESSION: The coffin with Oliver's body leaving Kosovska Mitrovica

They've shot at my heart, they shot at Bogdan's dad, they shot at all of us: A stone would start crying over the status of Oliver's wife on Facebook

President Vucic on Ivanovic's Murder: This is a TERRORIST ACT, we demand that the Serbian authorities take part in the investigation, we will find killers (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The US issued an alarming warning for Kosovo just two days before the murder of Oliver Ivanovic

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