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President Vucic on Ivanovic's Murder: This is a TERRORIST ACT, we demand that the Serbian authorities take part in the investigation, we will find killers (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The session of the National Security Council was convened after the murder of Oliver Ivanovic

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic addressed the public today after a meeting of the National Security Council, which he urgently summoned after the news of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. The president said that the murder of Ivanovic was a terrorist act, that his killers will be found, and that if the Kosovo police don't do it, our will.

The US issued an alarming warning for Kosovo just two days before the murder of Oliver Ivanovic

- Oliver Ivanovic was shot in the center of the city in 8.18 minutes with multiple shots. At 9.15 pm and after 45 minutes of reanimation effort, death was confirmed. On behalf of the state of Serbia, on my behalf and in the Government behalf, I express my condolences to the family. This is a terrorist act for the state of Serbia and we will respond accordingly. When I say terrorist, I mean under the jurisdiction of the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime - Vucic said and added:

- A letter was already sent to the EULEX and UNMIK with our requests, not desire, but the request for our state bodies to participate in the conduct of investigation on the territory of Kosovo because we are convinced that our participation would mean the disclosure of truth. 

Foto: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundžić, Telegraf

The president said that Serbia will take all measures, which he also promised to Milena, Ivanovic's wife, to find the murderers. 

He added that there are many bodies that point to possible perpetrators, but they have no authorities to speak about their information. The crime didn't happen, as he said, on the territory actively controlled by the state of Serbia, so we have to wait for the reaction of other organs, but we expect them to perform professionally and he asked Federica Mogherini and the representative of the International community to react quickly.

Foto: Tanjug/Dimitrije Goll

- The man was murdered who was a parent, a husband, and someone who never invited Serbs and Albanians to conflicts. Whoever killed him, this is the attack on the family Ivanovic, Serbian people, and Serbia as a whole - Vucic said.

Foto: Facebook

He reminded that they treated Ivanovic as the worst criminal for four years.

Vucic said many times that this terrorist act won't go unpunished.

- Perpetrators have to be arrested, it has to happen. If the ones who should don't find them, we will. The murder will be investigated and the murderers arrested. Whoever did it will be found - he stressed.

The president said that Belgrade doesn't trust Kosovo bodies, but he hopes that they will be able to conduct a research, and if they don't - Serbia will do it for sure. With the reminder that the murder happened on the territory where Serbia doesn't have active control, especially since 2008.

- We don't have the greatest trust in them, but we hope. If they are not capable, we ask them to invite us to help. Because we say - we will discover (the killers) - Vucic said.

He said that the car from which the shots were fired was intentionally left in Brdjani and that everything coincides with the date. He also pointed out that whoever killed Oliver was not a Serb, even if he had a Serbian name, and if he is not - then everything will be clear.

Foto: Telegraf

On the question of the reporters from our portal, if there is any information about the possible new attacks considering that he qualified the murder of Ivanovic as a terrorist act and "State Department" recently issued a warning of possible terrorist attacks, president Vucic said that our services have communication with other services 24 hours a day.

- State Department published that on 10 January. I don't think that they had any knowledge, I think that was a routine procedure, which usually happens before holidays. I don't think that they had anything specific if they did the killers would be found immediately - Vucic said. 

Foto: Tanjug/AP


Answering the question of the journalists if Oliver Ivanovic's murder had an international character or of someone with Serbian name did it, Vucic didn't want to speak about it.

- I don't want to speak about that yet. We have initial indications, but I won't speak about that until the official bodies start speaking about that - the president of Serbia said to the reporters:

Who would benefit from that? I think that everybody knows that... who on Kosovo could benefit from that, who in the international community, who in Kosovo wouldn't benefit from it and who would or wouldn't in Belgrade? 

Foto: Tanjug/Dimitrije Goll

He added that he won't say a word about it anymore, but "everybody who completed the first grade of the elementary school understood everything".

- We will just wait and see... But, whoever committed the murder will be found - he said.

Foto: Tanjug/Kancelarija za saradnju s medijima Vlade Srbije

VUCIC TO VESELI: You won't reach Nis

The president said that the Delegation in Brussels aborted the negotiations withing dialogue because it is pointless to talk with everyday threats and he told Kadri Veseli, the true "ruler of Kosovo", as he said, that they won't reach Nis as he threatened.

- It is hard to speak about something if you have everyday threats, where he is the true ruler of Kosovo, not Thaci, not Haradinaj, but Kadri Veseli and everybody who knows the situation on Kosovo knows that very well, and he said that Albanians won't stop until Nis - Vucic said and added:

- We understood those threats, we understood them well, as well as the silence of those who should react the same second.

He told Veseli that he won't reach Nis, that Nis will remain a beautiful city they can visit as tourists.

- And they can forget about coming with their army - Vucic concluded.


He said that he will soon go to Kosovo to talk with Serbian people.

- I will go to Kosovo Soon. I wish to speak with people, about what we can do, although we don't have an effective government - said Vucic.

With the conclusion that there has been the least problem south of Ibar ever since the declaring of fake independence, he said:

- It would be worse for us to say that this would not be an ethnically motivated crime. But we'll find out who did it.

The assassination of Ivanovic followed after threats to safety and property of Serbs who return to Kosovo and Metohija, and after the threats of Kosovo Assembly, Kadri Veseli, that Kosovo Albanians won't stop until they reach Nis, if Serbia tries to jeopardize "the independence and sovereignty" of Kosovo.

Watch the addressing of president Vucic:

You can read everything about the murder HERE.


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