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The US issued an alarming warning for Kosovo just two days before the murder of Oliver Ivanovic

The State Department's issued a statement that "politically motivated violence occurs throughout Kosovo"

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The US State Department has warned its citizens that plan to travel to Kosovo to be extra cautious about terrorism. The State Department did it only two days before politician Oliver Ivanovic was shot in front of his party's office in Kosovska Mitrovica, after which he succumbed to injuries.

"Cries and screams could be heard, our people couldn't see anything": The chief of local police exclusively for Telegraf

- Terrorist groups continue to plan possible attacks in the region of the Balkans, including Kosovo - announced in a statement by the State Department, which was reported by the US Embassy in Pristina.

As further states, "terrorists can attack with little or no warning, targeting tourist sites, transport centers, markets, shopping malls, local government buildings, hotels, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, parks, major sports and cultural events, educational institutions, airports and other public spaces".

Foto: Wikimedia/Loren

The State Department's issued a statement that "politically motivated violence occurs throughout Kosovo".

In addition, the Americans are being warned to reconsider their travel to the north of Kosovo for, as it is stated, "civilian riots". 

- Tensions among communities in northern Kosovo continue to incite violence, demonstrations and other types of riots in North Mitrovica, Leposavic, Zubin Potok and Zvecan - according to the State Department.

As it goes on, "although recent riots were politically motivated and there was no mixing of tourists or members of the international community, observers could be involved if there were violent incidents."

The announcement does not specify which were the "recent riot".

Foto: Telegraf

State Department issued similar warnings before to their citizens, and the last time the "safety message" was issued in December for possible demonstrations in Pristina due to an increased price for electric energy, Pristina media recall.

Media reports that the part of the city where the murder of Oliver Ivanovic occurred was blocked by heavy police forces.

You can read everything about the murder HERE.


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