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I won't set foot there any longer, we are done with the city of fear, darkness, and pain: Milena Ivanovic said that she is not returning to Kosovo (VIDEO)

Wife of Oliver Ivanovic said that she just wants to be close to Oliver right now and that he will rest in Belgrade

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- We are done with Kosovo, I will never return there - Milena said, the wife of the murdered Oliver Ivanovic.

They've shot at my heart, they shot at Bogdan's dad, they shot at all of us: A stone would start crying over the status of Oliver's wife on Facebook

Milena said that her son and she have nothing to do in the city which was their home until yesterday. 

- My foot will never step on Kosovo! My son and I are finished with Kosovska Mitrovica, the city of fear, darkness, and pain. Our Oliver gave his life for Kosovo and Serbs, and when he asked for little help, for protection, there was no one around. Now they say he is a hero, and where were those, who now glorify him, when we needed them the most? - Milena said through tears.

She said that she just wants to be close to Oliver right now and that he will rest in Belgrade

Foto: Facebook

- I am afraid for my child and myself. We were not safe on Kosovo, let alone now when we are targets. We will remain in Belgrade to be close to our Oliver - she said.

Milena said goodbye from her husband with the emotional message on her Facebook profile.

They've shot at my heart, my love, my joy. They shot at Bogdan's dad. They shot at all of us. At freedom, Serbia. Sleep peacefully, my love. Those who did it certainly won't!

Foto: Tanjug/Zoran Žestić


The bishop of Raska-Prizren Teodosije, with the clergy, served the requiem to murdered Ivanovic in the premises of the GI SDP in North Mitrovica, where the coffin with his body was located, and then the procession started for Belgrade. Thousands of Kosovska Mitrovica citizens cried in a kilometer long column while Ivanovic was leaving the city where he lived and from which he did not want to leave.

His fellow citizens, representatives of public and political life, as well as ambassadors from several Western countries, escorted him from the party premises to the exit from the city, where they laid flowers in the vehicle. The police escorted them to the Belgrade, alongside Milena with children, brother Miroslav with family and his closest associates. The transport was organized from Kosovska Mitrovica to the funeral.

Who was Oliver Ivanovic: 

You can read everything about the murder HERE.

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