She "accidentally" got in a school and she became one of the best 50 teachers in the world: This is a story about Katarina Veljkovic, the pride of Serbian education (PHOTO)

Croatian professor published a scandalous tweet about the "Storm": He compared the pogrom of Serbs with "light athletics" (PHOTO)

Professor got drunk, he performed a striptease, and then he was beaten: Video of the fight on graduation party in Croatia (VIDEO)

A scandal in the Gymnasium in Danilovgrad: They are sending away a professor because of Cyrillic

The American professor on Kosovo situation: Serbs should stop dealing with illusions and they should accept reality

Serbia - 12 dead from measles, Czech Republic - 12 sick in February: What are the penalties for unscrupulous parents and how does the anti-vaccine lobby work? (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Jasmina couldn't find work as a professor, so she rolled her sleeves and she started doing agriculture: The business is flourishing, and her products are without pesticides and poisons (PHOTO)

Igor is a top expert, he lives and works in Toronto and he has an important message for the entire humanity: Cure for lung cancer is ready!

She creates unreal love stories: She is teaching women to be independent and to love for a lifetime, and she can't wait to meet the beauties of Serbia (PHOTO)

REAL TRUTH ABOUT STEM CELLS FROM UMBILICAL CORD: The most famous Serbian doctor reveals do they really work or is it - "THE FRAUD OF THE CENTURY" (PHOTO)

Miracle in Trebinje: Little Mia (4) started speaking perfect English, she speaks it equally good as Serbian (VIDEO)

Fake Putin's niece busted: Sexy student offered Trump meetings with Kremlin officials

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