The American professor on Kosovo situation: Serbs should stop dealing with illusions and they should accept reality

- Potential Kosovo membership in the UN depends on Serbia - says Edward Joseph, a professor at Johns Hopkins University

Professor of American Johns Hopkins University Edward Joseph believes that the "frozen conflict in Kosovo is not a solution for the US authorities because it only produces additional conflicts" and "also prevents Serbia from fulfilling its goal - becoming a member of the EU", emphasizing that "it is certain that the key is in Belgrade".

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In his interview for the "Voice of America", Joseph, who is represented as an expert on Balkans, said that the "dialogue of Belgrade and Pristina lead by EU is clearly not working, and the status quo on Kosovo is not stable and it can lead to other incidents". 

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He also estimates that "potential membership of Kosovo in the UN also depends on Serbia, although the recognition of Kosovo's independence is not crucial."


- If Belgrade reaches to complete understanding with Pristina regarding the status of their neighbor, I believe that Moscow and Beijing will reduce their opposition. Of course, we do not know for sure ... But I'm sure the key is in Belgrade. To do what President Vucic wrote in an article a year ago: It is time for Serbs to stop living in illusions and to accept the reality about Kosovo - Joseph said.

Asked whether US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the new national security adviser, John Bolton, would bring a new approach to the administration towards Serbia, Joseph replies that this is possible "only in increased interest in Russian influence," while "the policy towards Kosovo will remain same ".

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- I think that no one in Serbia should expect that there will be dramatic changes in the American policy. There is a consensus in Washington around two facts: Kosovo is independent and Serbs living there have their rights. Those two facts should be acknowledged: reality on the field and the need to protect the rights of Serbs north and south of Ibar river - Joseph said.

He said that he is "keen to believe that authorities in Belgrade know who killed Oliver Ivanovic". 

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