Sonja has a lot of knowledge and diplomas, and that is why there is no work for her: We can make a list of her accomplishments, but it seems that it is not enough

- Although I was offered to stay abroad, I returned to Serbia to found a family, thinking that hard work and effort will lead me a workplace - said Sonja

There is no work for Sonja Pajic. At the time when a lot of her peers decide to leave the country, this young women decided to stay in Serbia and to start a family. On the other side, her High education diploma and doctoral dissertation on State Institutions couldn't help her with her work compared with other candidates who received diplomas on suspicious universities. 

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Sonja was a "straight A" student in her elementary school and in Zrenjanih high school. She graduated Spanish language and Hispanic literature on the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade with the average mark 9.43.

She has had her doctoral degree there in 2016. She worked part-time in the Elementary school "Zarko Zrenjanin" in her home town as a teacher of Spanish language. She worked as a lector for the Serbian language for some time at the Faculty of Philology of the University in Granada in Spain, and she was an associate in Faculty of Philology in Belgrade for three years (2009-2012).

He is a court translator for the Spanish language at the Basic and Higher Court in Zrenjanin. She also deals with literary translation from the Spanish language, she translated two novels and several stories. She was a visiting professor at the Faculty of Management in Celje in 2011. She is an author is about thirty works published in scientific journals, as well as a monograph "Film in the teaching of the Spanish language", published by the Andrejevic Endowment.

She has participated in 12 international conferences and has been professionally trained at numerous seminars in the country and abroad. In addition, she also attended a three-week seminar organized by the New York and St. the Petersburg University of Linguistics, Cognition, and Culture at the Faculty of Philology at the University of St. Petersburg.

She has mastered Spanish and English in Malaga, Valencia, and London. He has Cambridge degrees in English. She has traveled through 20 countries, she has met different cultures, she learned different languages, and she has friends all over the world. Her area of interest is methods of Spanish language and Audio-visual means in education. That is just a part of her rich biography.

- Although I was offered to stay abroad, I returned to Serbia to found a family, thinking that hard work and effort will lead me a workplace - said Sonja.

However, she encountered injustice in employment. At one time, she won the court dispute after 3 years, but nothing has changed. In several occasions, the fact that she was a Doctor had a negative impact and she was refused with the excuse that she is "overqualified".

While someone got the job with diplomas they got after several months, Sonja with her biography can't land a job.

- I am aware that my case is not alone and that many have similar problems, but the question remains, is that system of values sustainable and where does it lead? Is it possible that the state is pushing away the valuable people and those who think that normal life in it is normal - asks Sonja Pajic.

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