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Frightening data: Every third Serb owns a gun, either legally or illegally

"The average size of Serbian pride is 18cm and Albanian 13cm": How many women dream about sex with Albanian, and how many Albanians would go to bed with a Serbian?

Hristina (11) is half the size of her peers: She has unbearable pain, her parents are desperate, they are doctors and they don't know what's wrong with her (PHOTO)

THE MOST INTELLIGENT PEOPLE IN SERBIA LIVE IN THIS CITY: You will never guess which city it is!

Serbia entered the world list of ignoramuses: Now we finally know where we are in comparison to Americans

Austrian investors: Serbia overtakes Croatia

Igor is a top expert, he lives and works in Toronto and he has an important message for the entire humanity: Cure for lung cancer is ready!

Islamic State uses weapons and ammunition and FROM SERBIA: Crates of death found with Jihadists!

New disturbing data comes from Italy: 348 soldiers died from depleted uranium on Kosovo and Metohija

Amazing discovery at the bottom of Ohrid Lake (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Mystery of the stone circles of Devica mountain: The origin is unknown, it is believed that they made a calendar on SERBIAN STONEHENGE (PHOTO)

Statistics that hurts: Youth in Serbia don't think that slap is violence and "it's their own fault" if someone attacks the girls - for mini skirts

Show of the Croatian TV host: He invited the politician NOBODY and talked to the empty chair in the studio (VIDEO)

17 METER LONG WHALES IN THE ADRIATIC SEA: The sight that takes your breath away, one of them had scars (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

NEWEST RESEARCH: Here's how many citizens of Serbia support joining the European Union (GRAPHICS)

They asked Balkans if the dissolution of Yugoslavia brought more damage than benefit, the answers are largely identical!

Professor Milenko knows 100.000 plants: He dedicated his entire life to science and nature, students love him, and he guards rare treasure (VIDEO)

Fishermen pulled out a rare FISH BEAST out of the Adriatic sea and they soon realized they are on the brink of great discovery (PHOTO)

Americans admitted: People of Herzegovina are the tallest people in the world

SERBS WOULDN'T GO TO WAR FOR KOSOVO: 73% of surveyed citizens would not take up arms for the southern province

SEX OF AN AVERAGE SERB: Men are obsessed with size, and they discovered where they like to "DO IT"!

Would you go to war for your country? According to this statistics, Serbs are no longer "into" war, guns and cannons (PHOTO)

Genius idea of photographer from Skopje: He put skis on the wheels of a stroller and amazed his little daughter (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Find out where people in Serbia laugh the most :)

Country for old men: By 2030. there will be only old folks in Serbia. And they will leave alone

Secret tricks of the shopping malls which make us spend more money (do you notice that we all do that)

WE SEARCHED FOR OLD ARMY HIDEOUT: It seemed like a normal hut, but when we entered underground tunnels, BLOOD FROZE IN OUR VEINS (PHOTO)

SERBIAN CHILDREN AMONG THE BEST IN THE WORLD: Our fourth graders above average in mathematics!

SERBS ARE NOT AFRAID OF DEATH NOR OF DRAFT: Their greatest fear is job, and they say you can get it only if you have connection!

CORRUPTION ONE OF THE 3 BIGGEST PROBLEM IN COUNTRY: We and the brothers of Russia are at the very top, and these are close to us (GRAPHIC)