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Mt. Rtanj hides the secret of powerful technology Tesla discovered. When will we use it?

In the heart of Serbia, there is an incredible energy source that contributes to improved health, prosperity and personal progress

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Rtanj, a magical mountain in the heart of Serbia, has long attracted people from all over the region. Some may think that this is "just an ordinary limestone mountain" but research so far has indicated towards something else.

Rtanj is much more than a mountain, and its precise pyramidal geometry, golden ratio mathematics, unreal nature, enhanced electromagnetism, subtle frequencies, wild endemic medicinal plants, healthy ionizing radiation, as well as a special climate combined with the mystique of the cultural heritage on the ground, and frequent luminous phenomena in the sky, give it an unusual dimensionality worthy of daily research and deep respect.

Everything you wanted to know about this mountain, but had nobody to ask, will be explained by Sasa Nadjfeji, the executive director of the Center for Ecology and Research Duh Rtnja ("The Spirit of Rtanj").

Saša Nađfej

Sasa Nadjfeji; Photo: Telegraf

  • Can you explain to people in simple terms what Mt. Rtanj is?

- The studies by the Center for Ecology and Research Duh Rtnja so far, which I have been conducting for the last 13 years, tells us that a series of domestic and foreign researchers are discovering that Rtanj is much more than a mountain. That is, it is the first, largest, pyramidal structure on planet Earth.

This has been confirmed by the famous science fiction author Arthur Clark, a person who was in the field of science and whose patents have been implemented in space technology.

  • When we say it is a pyramidal structure, it, unlike others, was not built the classic way, with blocks?

- If we comment in terms of the construction material for the Rtanj pyramid, as an energy communicator, we see that there are no monolithic blocks like the ones used to build the pyramids in Giza. On Rtanj we see an absolute geometry, various constant geometric proportions, but there are no bricks, no monolithic blocks, we see a limestone elevation that has all the characteristics to be used as an energy communicator.

Rtanj has a climate with beneficial energies. The spas located in the vicinity of Rtanj, such as Sokobanja, Banja Josanica, Gamzigradska Banja, Brestovacka Banja, also speak in favor of that. They make use of these benefits of Rtanj and they are all at approximately the same distance from the mountain. It's impossible that Rtanj was created by mere soil settling, obviosly someone used natural energy sources to make a pyramid there.

Saša Nađfej

Photo: Telegraf

When it comes to geometry, we see clear proportions of the mathematical equation that has been applied to other pyramidal structures as well. When we ask physicists or electrical technicians, they suggest that electromagnetic fields we measure on Rtanj are good for humans. We are detecting a frequency of 28 kilohertz at the top of Rtanj, and this has been detected on other pyramids as well, such as the Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko or the Sudanese Pyramids. It seems that this was done in a planned way to receive and transmit electromagnetic waves. Rtanj is 1,565 meters above sea level and it is ideal for collecting and transmitting such waves.

Technology that could solve people's health problems


  • Was it used for inter-continental communication, since we all know there are pyramids on all continents?

- It could have been used for planetary communication in some phases. However, these are the types of waves that Rtanj produces, which are among the waves that were discovered by Nikola Tesla, who said that this was his greatest discovery. These are so-called Tesla scalar waves at 28 kilohertz. These are non-Hertzian scalar waves that can be used to communicate from one point to another, not only on planet Earth, but the whole galaxy, almost instantaneously. Thus, we can view Rtanj as an interplanetary system, or the cosmic internet.

  • Why isn't that technology used in our country?

- Tesla faced big problems when he started publishing data and when he announced that by placing five Wardenclyffe towers on five points of Earth, he could control the resonance of Earth. He said that in the event of an attack against Earth by external factors (asteroids, meteors, aliens), he could easily slow down or speed up the movement of the planet in order to avoid the impact of a potential apocalyptic attack. Tesla was an intuitive genius and we should believe him when he spoke about those topics. The frequency recorded on Rtanj is the same as on Tesla's tower in New York.

Južni kučaj i vrelo grze i rtanj

Photo: Mateja Beljan

  • That would effectively be cost-free energy?

- It 's a bad idea from the entrepreneurial point of view, but it's ideal from the point of view of people's well-being. However, the levers that run Earth have realized that it would not be good for their finances. That is why it was not implemented then, but thanks to our Teslians, all those things could come to life. This doesn't only apply to communication between people on Earth, this technology can also be used to solve human health problems at the molecular level. Therefore, while the problems or the disease have not yet manifested in the material part.

At one time, I gathered more than 50 domestic and foreign scientists on Rtanj, we held conferences, and everything pointed to those elements. We have in the database all those testimonies and statements as legacy for future researchers.

  • Can Tesla's waves be used for teleporting or as a weapon?

- There is also a film about it. The essence is that Tesla's scalar waves are a model, an environment in which such activities can take place, unlike the modern current based on Hertzian waves. Yes, it is possible to do that. If we apply the analogy of Rtanj and Tesla and the rules and testimonies that we have about Rtanj, it's not just not impossible, but has happened.

Piramidalni masiv Rtnja, Rtanj piramida

The pyramidal mass of Rtanj; Printscreen: Youtube/Brazdadj's channel

Video: Rtanj is not a pyramid but a pyramidal mountain, it is an energy machine, it has intriguing elements

  • You say there is also a certain legend about Rtanj?

- The legend has it that once upon a time Rtanj was not a mountain. In his place lived a great wizard in a castle who guarded the whole area and distributed to the people around him - according to merit, to some good things, and to some bad. Then, one day, the whole Rtanj mountain suddenly rose, and the wizard remained under it, where to this day he helps all those who believe in him.

For more about thehidden secrets of Rtanj, the miraculous lights that have occurred at its summit, watch the video at the top of the page.


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