Serbs - the most divided people: We are divided among the politics the most, of course! The research confirmed that

This can be seen in the data of the research performed by "Ipsos Mori", done for the needs of BBC, which deals with divisions in society

A lot of our opinions prove that we Serbs are the most divided people. However, this premise finally received a confirmation. This can be seen in the data of the research performed by "Ipsos Mori", done for the needs of BBC, Serbia is the "champion" in the opinion that the society is divided, and 93% of the citizens think so. 

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The writer and academic Dusan Kovacevic satirically divided us in his book "Twenty Serbian Divisions" into heavenly and earthly Serbs, pro-western and pro-eastern, patriots and traitors, rational and irrational, liberators and liberated, those whose last name ends on -ić, –ov, –ac, –ski, –go and -ač, from Kosovo and from Montenegro, Bosnian and Croat, from Podunavlje and Posavina, Podrina and Pomoravlje...

However, this satire came up to the surface and it showed its real face in the research which was performed globally, from the end of January and beginning of February, which included 19.428 people from 27 countries.

According to this data, 93 percent of Serbia think that our society is divided.

Behind us, there are Argentina, Italy and Great Britain, and the society is divided the least in Saudi Arabia, China, and Japan:

The research showed that we are divided around politics the most, of course, (63) percent, then there is a rich-poor ratio (50%), religion (25), attitude towards immigrants (18%) and the reasons were equal for division of the young-poor and city-village (13% each). Only nine percent of the people in Serbia said that divisions are created because of the inequality between the sexes.

The experts from various areas should give us the answer to why are we so divided - Slavica Djukic Dejanovic said to Telgraf.rs, the Minister without portfolio.

- Our geographical location, the historical characteristics of the country and everything we went through were quite divided. Also, we accepted divisions as a lifestyle and thinking, although such diversity, except in the case of poverty and other extreme negative divisions, could be a gift of nature which give some different qualities, unlike similarity and unilateralism - Djukic Dejanovic noted.

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She reminds that we were the subject of interest of great powers.

The past we had divided us, and then those divisions became a way of thinking and the way of life - the minister concludes.

Sociologist Ratko Bozovic said that our society is political and that political parties cause most divisions, he commented on this research for Telegraf.rs.

- There are turbulences in all the spheres of our social life for the past 30 years. The breakdown of a state, the creation of several insecure states, war, sanctions, isolation, creating of distrust of people from the ruling party towards those who don't support the government, all of that caused such division in the society - Bozovic said.

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When we talk about the division of society, the similar trend is present in entire Europe because at least three out of four surveyed people say that their society is very, or pretty much divided, Moria Glenn Gottfried from Ipsos Mori said, British branch of the global company for researching of public opinion, and reported by the Serbian BBC service.

Gottfried said that Europeans believe that the differences became more pronounced.

- This can be a consequence of the political climate and turn to the right-wing politics which we can see on this part of the continent or the political climate as a result of the greater tensions in societies. These two things are connected - he said.


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