New disturbing data comes from Italy: 348 soldiers died from depleted uranium on Kosovo and Metohija

Sick Italian soldiers died from various forms of malign diseases

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On December 13, 2017, the Italian news agency ANSA announced that 348 Italian soldiers who were in the peacekeeping mission in Kosovo and Metohija have died up to now from the effects of uranium radiation.

Croatia is entering the Schengen zone!

Sick soldiers died of various forms of malignant disease, and the Italian parliament formed a special commission a couple of years ago, which undoubtedly found that the death of soldiers came from various malignant diseases, leukemia, Hodgkin's syndrome and various malignant tumors, without stating that their stay on Kosmet was crucial to their uranium poisoning.

Domenico Legiero of the Military Observatory claims that Italian soldier Leonardo Bukoliero, 50, who worked as a bodyguard at Quirinale, was the 348th victim of depleted uranium.

- Brain cancer, diagnose which killed him 2 years ago. Bukoliero, who died on December 8th, was one year on a mission on Balkans, on Kosmet. The Ministry of Defense has discarded any link between disease and exposure to depleted uranium - said Legiero.

- Even Buccoliero relied on the attorney Angelo Fiore Tartale to achieve justice and recognition of his rights, not so much for him but for his sons and his wife. Nanodiagnostic analyzes carried out on samples of his tumor showed the presence of numerous heavy metals whose size and shape leave no other option: the effect of depleted uranium ammunition - added Legiero.

Foto: Profimedia/AFP

The truth about uranium bombs

The North Atlantic Alliance, NATO, officially acknowledged that they had dropped 31,000 uranium missiles (10 tons) in the 1999 bombing, it. Russian sources point to about 90,000, and Serbian about 50,000 uranium missiles.

The official map of NATO, there are 112 locations on Kosovo and Metohija which were bombed with depleted uranium. The most missiles with depleted uranium were delivered in Metohija, west of the road Pec-Djakovica-Prizren. More than 15 locations are on the road Djakovica - Zrze and on relation Decane - Rznic - Prilep - Junik (more than 10 locations).

More bombed locations were over Dragas, and then right from the road Prizren - Vrbnic lake. South-east from Urosevac and several locations south of Podujevo, but also in all other parts of Kosovo and Metohija.

Foto: Profimedia/AFP

NATO is still killing on Kosovo and Metohija even today! Following teams worked on the study of uranium radiation in Kosovo and Metohija: experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nations Ambient Team, the Royal Society of London for Atomic Energy, the Swedish Radiation Protection Institute, the UNMIK team, KFOR, and one special United Nations Investigation Commission which carried out tests at only 11 locations, as well as experts from the World Health Organization and others.

All investigative teams, after the results and testing of radioactive radiation, where depleted uranium mines were extricated, made an explicit recommendation civilians and cattle must be protected from entering these places due to the enormous uranium radiation. 

However, nothing has been done so far. The presence of uranium radiation has been detected in soil, water, air, vegetation, and in many cases and in samples of cow mill, so the uranium has entered the people's diet a long time ago. There are cases in the last ten and more years that there have been dozens of cases of cattle being born with deformities

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