Islamic State uses weapons and ammunition and FROM SERBIA: Crates of death found with Jihadists!

The Serbian government stated that the shipment was part of an effort by international troops to equip the Iraqi army after an intervention in 2003

Deutsche Welle published a study by the London-based CAR (Conflict Armament Research) about the origin of weapons in the hands of the so-called Islamic state, according to which weapons mostly come from the east, the United States also has its role, and it has been reported that there are weapons from Serbia

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According to the study, 4.04% of the weapons used by the fighters of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria are from Serbia, as well as that 74 relevant cases from Serbia were found, 64 of them in Iraq.

However, only four pieces of weapons from Serbia, which were found in Iraq, have a year of production starting from 2000 to the present, while everything else is older, much of it is from the SFR Yugoslavia era.

The leading figures on the list are China (43.5%), Romania (12.12), Russia (9.55), Hungary (7.21), Bulgaria (5.29), and more than 30 weapons were found from Germany, Iraq, Poland, Czech Republic, USA. Two pieces were found from Croatia, and one from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania each.

DW reports that, when it comes to the origin of ammunition, the order is somewhat different - most come from Russia (25.51 percent), China (25.47), Romania (13.25), USA (6.06), Bulgaria 4.44), Kyrgyzstan (3.25), Serbia (2.95) and Turkey (2.71).

The CAR research lasted more than three years (2014-2017) and was carried out on the territory of Kobane in Syria to Baghdad. More than 1,832 weapons and more than 40,000 ammunition units have been analyzed, and the report also describes the individual deliveries in detail.

For example, in the arsenal of jihadist, 19 cartridges of 7.62 x 54 mm ammunition were found, which was illegally exported by the "First Partisan" to Iraq in 2004, and it is said that this bullet caliber corresponds to Russian automatic weapons - Kalashnikov and Tokarev.

Foto montaza: Telegraf, Profimedia/Zuma Press - News, Google maps

When asked by CAR, the Serbian government stated that the shipment was part of an effort by international troops to equip the Iraqi army after the intervention in 2003.

Near Faluga, in June 2016, 60 Yugoslav M-79 "Osa" caliber rifles of 90 millimeters were found during the breakup of Yugoslavia, and they were in all former republics, according to the report, adding that the Bulgarian PG-7M reached the front for the first time across Serbia. According to official Belgrade, the Serbian company imported 960 pieces on April 2, 2014, to resell them to the Ministry of Defense of Burundi two days later.

Although 90 percent of weapons and ammunition originated in Eastern Europe, Russia, and China, CAR researchers found that a large proportion of that weapon came from the United States and Saudi Arabia, officially procuring weapons produced in eastern EU and NATO countries and then illegally supplying them possibly to Syrian rebels, and that weapons would ultimately fall into the hands of Islamists.

The analysis of the weapons found has also proven an attempt to suppress its origins, ammunition is repackaged, while the serial numbers on the rifles are changed or deliberately scratched.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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