Teme: Rich

The first in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the seventh in the Balkans: This is officially the richest Bosanac, a humane person who is appreciated by everybody

Tito's yacht Galeb will become a museum on the water in Rijeka: Croats invested 5.4 million euros into this project

They are the rich kids of Bosnia and Herzegovina and they are proudly showing it: Luscious cleavages, expensive cars and reckless behavior (PHOTO)

Europe's wealth map: Serbia is terrible, the worst from all of the former Yugoslavia. Is Iceland the richest country?

Bosnia and Herzegovina the poorest country in Europe by far: Every sixth citizen goes to bed hungry

Director of Mining and smelting combine Bor reveals exclusively for Telegraf: Is there gold in Bor mud and how hard it is to steal it? (VIDEO)

A beautiful building in Banat hides a terrible secret: No one dares to cut the grass around this castle, and mysterious shadow flies over it once a year (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Montenegro has 48 millionaires: The richest one currently has this much money in the account!

Slovenia has decided: We don't want casual tourists anymore, we want those with deep pockets

I came from Germany to a wedding in Krusevac: When i gave them the envelope, i never felt so ashamed in my life

The fake prince sounded: I have apartment in Belgrade, i love cevaps! (PHOTO)

Fake prince of Montenegro and Macedonia arrested in Italy: He introduced as Crnojevic descendant and he socialized with elite, he tricked Pamela (PHOTO)

Confession of Ivan (27) from the richest country in the world: I made 6.000 euros in a month, but they treated me like garbage!

Bosnians gave obituary to Rockefeller with red star: Grieving and villages in tears are inviting to the billionaire funeral

I was born in a German concentration camp, grew up in an Italian orphanage, and then discovered that I was the richest man and 50 percent Croat (VIDEO)

BALKAN BILLIONAIRES: These are the richest Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, Macedonians... (PHOTO)

NEW QUEEN AMONG YACHTS! "Solis" a floating marvel of 34 meters was declared the most beautiful yacht (VIDEO)

THESE VIALS HOLD AN UNBELIEVABLE WEALTH: You will not believe what's in them!