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Davor T. was "pure as a tear", and he changed his last name: He grew up with everything, and he was working as a driver. Everything about the new Serbian king of cocaine

It is still unknown why has he changed his last name

Davor T. (31), who is believed to have organized the smuggling of more than a ton of cocaine confiscated in Romania with Igor Dedovic from Kotor, recently changed his last name, although Serbia has never searched for him. 

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- His entire family still has last name starting with S, and everybody knows them as such in Vranje. That is why everybody in Vranje knows him under his real last name, no one understands who was the man who invested a lot of money into cocaine smuggling - said the source to "Blic" close to the intelligence services.

It is still unknown why has he changed his last name because there are no procedures against him in Serbia. There are only guesses if there are investigations against him abroad, or to avoid possible investigations.

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- This young man comes from a wealthy family. His father owns several stores, he always had everything. The young man always lived in abundance, he was a guest of best clubs, he was friends with singers. However, he was seen in the company of people from the other side of the law, even when he was a kid - adds the interlocutor of Blic.

He is not living in Vranje, he allegedly moved abroad in the last several years, but he occasionally comes to his home town. 

The findings of the Serbian police say that Davor T. manages a criminal group which smuggles cocaine from South America into the EU countries, and he allegedly owns restaurants, companies and expensive real estates abroad.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Blic)

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