Brutal answer to our Gastarbeiter from Switzerland, whose child has 50 pairs of shoes: "Our youth is destroyed because of you"

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The value of a child in school grows if the shoes and the labels on the clothes are as high as possible. The newly rich people convinced themselves that this is true, and they convinced their children. 

The value systems are imposed according to the money spent, and children are competing with the children of rich parents. Considering that the domestic average wage can't meet the needs of a single member of a family, this style reaches to those who work in foreign countries, and they work whatever. 

- My children have 50 pairs of shoes... But, they make their own money... Swiss is Swiss - wrote Goran yesterday on the Telegraf portal under the news - New "game" in Serbian schools: They take off their clothes to prove that they wear originals, shoes must cost more than 170 euros!

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However, the rest of the world thins that this trend is terrible.

Then, there was an answer which confirms the theory, only those who are flaunting money must give up a lot of things, and those who live a normal life have no need to count money, but they invest into future and education. Here's the brutal answer: 

- Come on, don't talk nonsense.

- That is one of the reasons our youth in Serbia is destroyed - Gastarbeiters!

- Take out the leek before you say anything about us who live here. I live in Serbia, but I work for abroad and we certainly make much more than you and your family in total.

- The difference is that we don't have loans, we are not in a private apartment, we don't spend our inheritance, and no one provided anything for us, and we buy cars and other things with earned cash, not with leasing. 

- And you, parents, encourage children to learn languages and to work on a computer, and no matter the bloodsucking government, they will earn fair, they will pay taxes to them and they will work for foreigners. Forget about those who are rubbing toilets for the Germans, they are pretending that they have a royal life there (until you ask for money).


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