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Europe's wealth map: Serbia is terrible, the worst from all of the former Yugoslavia. Is Iceland the richest country?

The data of the global financial bank speak more than words

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The cartographer Jakub Marian illustrated the map after numerous studies showing the financial situation of countries in Europe. According to figures from the published map, Serbia is the poorest country of the former Yugoslavia.

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Marian's data is based on the analysis of Credit Suisse, a global financial company based in Zurich. Namely, it is an integrated global bank.

Based on the available data, Jakub has measured the financial position of countries in Europe. The map shows financial assets, non-financial assets, and loans.

The map shows the average value of wealth that is derived from given parameters per adult per capita in each country. The results are expressed in US dollars.

Countries marked with an asterisk are in a worse financial situation than others, which is largely the result of higher credit indebtedness or low average monthly earnings.

At the top of the list is Iceland ($ 445,000), Switzerland ($ 229,000) and Luxembourg ($ 168,000). The average value in the United Kingdom is $ 103,000.

Foto-ilustracija: pixabay.com

Ukraine ($ 100) and Belarus ($ 900) are in a worse situation.

"Credit Suidde" measures average wealth in terms of purchasing power and available financial assets.

According to data from the recently published map, Croatia is richer than all the countries of the former Yugoslavia - with an expected exception - Slovenia, which is roughly 2.3 times richer than Croatia.

The numbers for the eastern part of the ex-Yu countries shown on the map shouldn't be taken literally because they are based on poor quality data, the author of the map notes. As for the member states of the European Union, Croatia is at the very bottom of the wealth.

Foto - Ilustracija: Pixabay

Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the "golden middle" of those who are marked with an asterisk, more precisely, on the list of countries that are in a worse financial situation in relation to purchasing power, average per capita income and per capita debt.

Nevertheless, according to figures from the published map, Serbia is the poorest country of the former Yugoslavia.


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