Bosnia and Herzegovina the poorest country in Europe by far: Every sixth citizen goes to bed hungry

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the worst ranked country when it comes to standard of its citizens, and the greatest problem in this country is that no one deals with economy

Every sixth resident of Bosnia and Herzegovina lives with 3 to 5 KM per day (1.5 - 3 euros). And every one of these unfortunate people falls asleep hungry every night because they can hardly afford anything other than bread and eggs a day. They can only dream about dinner. About 30,000 citizens survive thanks to a meal in public kitchen.

A Croat sent just one sentence where he explained why is his country actually dead (PHOTO)

From year to year, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is ranked the worst when it comes to analyzing the standards of its inhabitants and citizens of countries in the region, Europe, and the world.

According to the standard of purchasing power, GDP per capita in Montenegro last year was 42% of the EU average, in Macedonia 38, Serbia 36, and in BiH only 31% of the European average, data from the Statistical Agency of the EU "Eurostat".

Foto: Profimedia/Alamy

Based on the criteria for actual individual consumption per capita, Montenegro is at 54, Serbia at 45, and BiH at 41 percent of the EU average.

Even Africa talked about the poverty in BiH, a portal Howafrica.com did a research which showed that some African countries are richer than certain European countries. 

By analyzing the GDP per capita, they reached the data that it is convincingly low in BiH, just 8. 590 dollars.

Foto: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundžić

Although they were listed in top 10 of the poorest countries, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia have placed better in this.

Regarding last year, Bosnia and Herzegovina have fallen 5 places, considering that the World Bank placed them in the fifth place of the poorest countries in Europe in 2016.

Economists say that this picture should not be surprising since no one is dealing with the economy. They warn that many negative comments are chasing away the investors.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Klix.ba)

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