Teme: Road

The dramatic video of infernal Serbian roads! The fire is burning from all sides, and the drivers are barely breathing due to the burned stubble

The supporting wall on Corridor 10 collapsed completely this time: After three crashes, only a cloud of dust remains

Erdogan's message from Bosnia: Highway Belgrade-Sarajevo will be the "road of peace" and will bring benefit and happiness to Balkans (VIDEO)

These Serbs walked for four days to reach Ostrog: They walked 150 kilometers, step by step (PHOTO)

FOR A GOOD MORNING: Geese are crossing the road, and crossing, and crossing, and there is no end to it. All you can do is just wait (VIDEO)

A new adventure of Nino and Rino: A man from Becej will start a journey over three continents, the ultimate destination - the very south of Africa (PHOTO)

Chaos in Montenegro: Streets closed because of the tide, the landslides completely blocked all roads (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A truck rolled over on the road to Prnjavor: The beer he was transporting has flooded the street (VIDEO)

Madness on Croatian highway: A van speeding down the wrong lane with trucks heading towards it (VIDEO)

Roundabout in Serbia has amazed the entire world: European media wrote about the traffic violations unfortunate people make (PHOTO)

He drove a truck during strong hurricane winds despite the ban in Croatia: He was moving on two wheels, he was almost turned over by the wind! (VIDEO)

Bosnian construction workers are dominating the Balkans: The demand is increasing, Slovenes have no money, Croats failed

WHITE MONTENEGRO: One meter of snow fell in Niksic, people without electricity, disaster like this was not recorded in October (PHOTO)

Brutally arrogant driver on Montenegro coast in his DEADLY OVERTAKE (VIDEO)

This is what a new road to the Montenegrin coast looks like (VIDEO)

A terrible moment in which a lightning strikes a cyclist at Varazdin (VIDEO)

GREAT INTERVIEW WITH CITY PLANNER: He revealed phenomenal changes that will soon happen in Belgrade - tunnels, bridges... (PHOTO)

Incredible scenes after horrific crash in Macedonia: A railing is literally stuck in the car (PHOTO)

Spooky scenes in Bosnia: The lake dried up, graves emerged, human remains, houses and mosque (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The entire Balkan chained in snow and cold: Roads closed, the most critical in Croatia (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

DALMATIA CUT OFF FROM CROATIA: Hurricane-force winds and snowdrifts blocked all major roads

This village in Serbia is full with semiprecious stones: Hills from green, roads from red. Every stone is worth in gold (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Bear invasion in Macedonia: Wild beasts charge out on the road, steal honey and destroy everything in sight!

CRAZY LUCK: He plunged into 100 meters deep ravine, and was only banged up a bit?

Price rise from 1st January: You have a month and a half to live like you do now

BLACK POINT IN MONTENEGRO HAS TAKEN 1200 LIFES: Danger lurks not only from the canyon Moraca (PHOTO)

SERBIA IS THREATENED WITH FLOODS AGAIN: Toplica river flooded, RED weather alarm (PHOTO)

ROAD WORKER'S REVENGE: This is where the car of the reckless driver ended up! (PHOTO)

This Englishman wants to visit Serbia and he is very excited about it, but he has few questions for all of us: Think wisely!

DRAMA IN MONTENEGRO: Massive boulder fell on the car from the sky (PHOTO)