A torrent of water in front of the Old Town in Kotor: The main street is flooded, metal pontoons were placed (VIDEO)

A real river is flowing in the main street of Kotor

Jugo (wind) and abundant rain caused a tidal wave in Kotor that flooded the main road, so the only way to enter the Old Town is over metal pontoons.

Enormous spout blew away people and cars, it ripped trees out of the ground! A terrible whirl stormed through Dalmatia

There is a real river flowing in one of the roads in Kotor, so it is very difficult to drive in the only street in Kotor, reports radio "Skala".

Due to the abundant precipitation, the water level has risen on water springs, it is dirty and it isn't good for drinking without boiling it first.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / Nezavisne)

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