The dramatic video of infernal Serbian roads! The fire is burning from all sides, and the drivers are barely breathing due to the burned stubble

The burning of crops became a regular thing

Appeals, arrests, and inspection and police controls couldn't stop the crazy burning of stubble all across Serbia. 

Terrible multiple-vehicle crash on the highway: Zero visibility due to thick smoke and a lost life, firefighters had to cut open a crushed van (PHOTO AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

Vladica Janjic found a really terrifying sight yesterday around 16:30 on the road Grabovica - Kladovo and he sent us this video. 

A massive field was burning, creating thick and low smoke in the process, and the situation was really dangerous. The vehicles had to crawl. At the same time, the flame spread near the road itself, which additionally complicated the situation. 

Besides the reduced visibility, the drivers didn't feel safe surrounded by fire and thick smoke which they had to breath while waiting for the fire to calm down. 

A series of accidents and disasters were recorded this year due to the burning of stubble and crops.

The worse was the chain crash which included 7 vehicles that happened at Batocina, where one of the drivers lost his life, and the man who caused the fire, S.Dj. (67) from Batocina, was soon arrested.

Foto: Tanjug/Jaroslav Pap

Another crash was recorded earlier due to thick smoke near Leskovac.

A woman from Jagodina lost her car which was parked in a field since it was swallowed by fire. Luckily, no one was hurt. 

"Audi" went wild, he hit the car, and then he crashed into mine with two children in it: Confession of the driver about the terrible crash in Belgrade (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The police and inspectors patrolled the Serbian roads and fields but despite the fines for the burning of stubble, fires continue to erupt all over the country.

(Telegraf.co.uk / M. Beljan)

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