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Djokovic destroyed Anderson for the semifinals of Shanghai: Chinese people amazed and they cheer with Serbian flags (PHOTO)

Djokovic returned to Shanghai as a Chinese Emperor: A powerful start of the Serb at Masters!

Novak and Rafa are preparing for the spectacle: They will play tennis in a football stadium with 60.000 seats! (VIDEO)

Veselin Jevrosimovic invites citizens to Serbia marathon: Come to go through the finish in the Belgrade Arena (VIDEO)

Cream of the world's athletics in Belgrade: Coe and Hansen announced World championship in Serbia! (VIDEO)

Veselin Jevrosimovic: Get out of the Serbian athletics, everybody who participated in the scam!

The strongest people in Europe gathered in Kikinda to test their might: They can easily pull a 10-ton truck and carry a mountain of girls (PHOTO)

Ivana Spanovic is attacking another gold that she is missing! Three more of our athletes at the Mediterranian games (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The world's largest sports retail chain Decathlon arrives in Serbia (PHOTO)

Sexy girl was amazed while she commented on Jokic's moves (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Stefan (16) taught a lesson to his generation with his essay: We becoming dumb with modern technology and we don't know how to live! (PHOTO)

The tickets for Serbian Open are sold out, athletics is fashionable!

The longest gondola in the world will start working by the end of 2018: Zlatibor is getting a sports hall as well

It was the most magical on Kopaonik this morning: Snow fell like it was January, nature is at its best (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

THIS IS HOW FANS CELEBRATED PARTIZAN'S BIRTHDAY: Torches and songs of the group Yugoslav People's Army have shaken the New Belgrade (VIDEO)

Ivana Spanovic is jumping on Friday night to defend the Diamond League

Spanovic: Everything was as planned (PHOTO)

Ready for her first gold: Ivana Spanovic with a powerful message traveled to London!

Serbia is now an official candidate for the World Indoor Championship in the year 2020!

The world famous architect has big plans for Belgrade: The capital gets its own Prater (PHOTO)

Spanovic: I am proud to be a part of Athletic Association of Serbia (VIDEO)

Debate about Juventus logo: Fans against the industry, but for how long?

NURDOR team won 9 medals on seventh World children victory games in Moscow! (PHOTO)

Fans brawl because of this photo of Bobi Marjanovic and Parker from the Belgrade club


Serbia's volleyball team win silver, place in Olympics

SASA ON THE SITUATION WITH BOBBY: The feet of Bolt get swollen after 20 hours of traveling, let alone of a man of 222 cm (VIDEO)

IT WILL GIVE YOU GOOSEBUMPS! Paunovic unveils the secret ritual of the eaglets and asks people to follow along! (VIDEO)

JOVANOVIC FOR TELEGRAF: You saw my first tears that I cried of happiness (PHOTO)

SHAME! Ukrainian fan sets fire to a Serbian flag at the final of the Europa League! (PHOTO)