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Ivana Spanovic is attacking another gold that she is missing! Three more of our athletes at the Mediterranian games (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Four of our athletes will defend the colors of Serbia the Mediterranian games in Tarragona

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18th Mediterranian games with over 4.000 athletes from 26 countries have started on June 22nd, and it will have 33 different sports.

FIFA fined Serbia because of the flag of our fans!

Serbian team will consist of 139 athletes who will participate in 27 sports, and athletics is one of them.

Foto: Instagram.com/ivanaspanovic

Four of our contestants will represent Serbia in the queen of sports: Ivana Spanovic in the long jump, Amela Terzic in racing in 1500 and 800 meters, Zorana Barjaktarovic in 100 and 200 meters and Elzan Bibic on 1500 and 5000 meters. 

Athletics is scheduled from June 27th to July 1st, within the Mediterranean Games.

Our athletes will defend the colors of Serbia the Mediterranian games in Tarragona.

Tarragona is the city of 155.000 residents and it is on the "Golden Coast" (Costa Dorada).

Spain has been the host of Mediterranean games twice so far, in 1955 when they were held in Barcelona, and in 2005 when they were held in Almeria.

Schedule for our athletes:

27.June: 19.45h - 800m (Terzic), 20.15h - Long Jump (Spanovic), 20.50h - Semi-finals 100m (Barjaktarovic), 21.25h - 5000m (Bibic).

28 June: 20.05h - semi-final 200 meters (Barjaktarovic), 21.10h - finals 100 meters (Barjaktarovic).

29.June: 20.25h - final 200m (Barjaktarovic), 20.35h - final 800m (Terzic), 21.05h - final 1500m (Bibic).

30th June: 20.25h - final 1500m (Terzic).

VIDEO: Ivana Spanovic, guest of Telegraf 


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