Djokovic returned to Shanghai as a Chinese Emperor: A powerful start of the Serb at Masters!

Novak is waiting for a winner from the duel between Cecchinato - Chung

Novak Djokovic defeated French Jeremy Chardy with 2-0 in sets (6-3, 7-5) in the 2nd round of the Masters in Shanghai and he went to the eight of finals of the tournament in China in more than an hour.

Novak and Rafa are preparing for the spectacle: They will play tennis in a football stadium with 60.000 seats! (VIDEO)

Serbian tennis player was convincing and he won against the French in the 12th mutual duel, and an old rival awaits him in his next match, the winner between Cecchinato - Chung.

Both the Italian and the Korean won against Novak in the greatest tournaments this season, Cecchinato celebrated in the quarter of Rolan Garros, and Chung in the fourth round of Australian open.

Novak constantly had one gem of advantage, and Chardy kept reducing the advantage. It was like that until 6:5. When Chardy's hand shivered for a moment, Novak managed to reach the first match ball, but he didn't use it, he then reached the second one and he turned it onto a point and a triumph.

Djokovic didn't play in Shanghai last year due to injury, and now he is just gathering points and if he wins this tournament he will pass Roger Federer on the list and he will be second. He can do that with an even weaker score if Federer doesn't win it.

VIDEO: Djokovic to Telegraf about Federer, Sampras and leaving from the Red Star match with his son

(Telegraf.co.uk / D.U.)

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