30 experts watched the saving of Dea's arm, everything will be known tomorrow around 12 o'clock

Dr. Bumbasirevic reveals the details of yesterday's surgery

Surgery of Dea Djurdjevic is near science fiction. Her arm was literally torn off and it was really, really difficult to put it back. But, above all expectations, she feels good and she has no pain, the famous surgeon, academic Dr. Marko Bumbasirevic reveals for Telegraf.

The driver of the bus explained how the crash happened in which the journalist Dea Djurdjevic was injured

As he said, the operation looked like a "mission impossible", but he is sure that the recovery will be good. 

I thank the colleagues from the Military Medical Academy for calling me to save the arm of a young person, and I would like to say that she is a brave patient, and those patients can turn impossible operations into possible. As soon as they called me, I gathered my instruments and I rushed to the MMA, and at least 30 people came to observe the surgery, future doctors and this experience was a great encouragement and motivation for them - said Bumbasirevic for our portal.

He added that the injury of the reporter was terrible and that it is a challenge for any doctor.

- All patients are the same for me and I carry their injuries with great care, you can't sleep, you often call to see how's the patient. Dea will have a new check up tomorrow at 12, new bandaging, and we will know more about her condition. I expect everything to be in order - said Bumbasevic.

He said that Serbia has many successful doctors and that serious procedures and they are not new, he added that if this wasn't a famous person, this case would go unnoticed.

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- However, it is important that we show these things and to encourage young doctors - stressed Bumasirevic. Famous professor Cedomir Vucetic was in the team who saved the hand of the reporter, also young doctors Tomislav Palibrk and Aleksandar Petrovic, including Nedeljka Ivanovic. 

He added that all that remains is that the reimplant should be good, wounds should heal, and she will have rehabilitation later on.

He praised the team on the scene for having reacted quickly, as he said, the golden rule is "life before extremities".

- Everything is well prepared. The arm was placed on ice, on plus 4 degrees. The arm was torn off, it had a great defect of blood vessels and they had to reconstruct it by taking and replacing some veins. The difficulty is that the nerves were ripped off, that is why the new surgeries will have to be performed - explained Bumbasirevic.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / M. Leskovac)

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