He helped Dea in the pool of blood, and then he jumped to save a police officer: Dusan is a hero of the emergency ambulance and he has only one request!

At first, she wasn't aware what has happened, she just asked "What's wrong with my arm, it hurts a lot"

Dusan Vranjesevic, the driver of the Emergency ambulance, a hero, and a great man, is the man who prevented even greater tragedy which happened yesterday near the hospital "Dr. Dragisa Misovic".

30 experts watched the saving of Dea's arm, everything will be known tomorrow around 12 o'clock

This experienced worker of the Ambulance, who has been driving patients for dialysis for 24 years, was the first one who came to the rescue when the bus tore off the arm of Dea Djurdjevic, and he resued a police officer who was in the same place. 

Humle Dusan, however, has only one request - to stay out of the limelight, the Dr. Sergej Pantic, the assistant of the director of the Emergency Ambulance revealed how this driver acted heroicly.

- Dusan was driving patients for dialysis to "Dr. Dragisa Misovic", just when the accident happened. He has warned the police officers that it was slippery, and soon afterward, he saw a car skidding and going straight to the police officer who is standing in the street. He immediately threw himself and he moved him, saving his life in a second - said Dr. Pantic for Telegraf.

Foto: Telegraf.rs

Besides the brave Dusan, a nurse came to the rescue from "Dr. Dragisa Misovic". Dusan told the colleagues that Dea was incredibly brave and she didn't shed a tear. 

He told us that she was pale, but she didn't shed a tear or panic. When Dusan approached her, he saw that her sleeve was empty, she just asked "What's wrong with my arm, it hurts a lot" - said Pantic.

Foto: Mateja Beljan

That is when her colleague Predrag Sarapa arrived, who immediately grasped his hands on his head, and Dusan warned him not to tell Dea that she has lost her arm. Dusan was calm and he kept everything under control.

- I was afraid the most that Dea will lose a lot of blood, but her blood vessels were crushed from the shock and the blood stopped pouring. She calmly waited to be transported to the Military Medical Academy, and Dusan was beside her all of the time - said the director of the Emergency Ambulance.

(Telegraf.co.uk / M. Leskovac / m.leskovac@telegraf.rs)

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