Teme: taxes

The British envoy brought 3 messages in Pristina and a mystery of meeting with Thaci: One is for Haradinaj's ears only, and we will not like the other one

Pristina started the action "Steel ring" on the north of Kosovo: They are positioning police to block alternative roads

The EU has spoken about the Pristina platform

US message to Pristina sent from Zagreb: Suspend these taxes

Last warning to Pristina! Trump sent two men to Haradinaj: Respect our demands or there will be new sanctions

Vucic on dramatic events in the previous 24 hours: He announced the answer of Belgrade to requests from Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija in the next 45 days (PHOTO)

The USA "slapped" Haradinaj again: New sanctions to Pristina due to taxes on Serbian goods

Blockade of "Kosovo Army", denial of money, cancellation of visit: Due to Pristina disobedience, the United States is ready for severe moves

Haradinaj "threatens" Federica Mogherini: You will lose the dialogue if you keep connecting it with taxes

Thaci: We have violated our relationship with the US due to small, harmful Serbia

US ambassador unannounced at Haradinaj: US pressure rises

Trump decided to break their spines: Washington introduces 4 new measures against Pristina

The USA launched the first sanction to Pristina! Effective until they abolish taxes

The team from Pristina remained speechless after the meeting in Brussels: They ran away from the journalists when they heard the EU stance

We have no obstacles to go to the elections, we are waiting for one thing: Vucic about snap elections (PHOTO)

The US threatens Pristina! Abolish fees or we will introduce sanctions: What's written in the official document passed by the State Department

Brussels' block for Pristina! You won't make a single step towards the EU unless you abolish the taxes for Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Haradinaj blames Mogherini for everything and continues with provocations: Taxes remain until the recognition of independence

Ministers of so-called Kosovo confirmed the dangerous intentions of Ramush Haradinaj: 3 measures were prepared for Serbia

I am convinced that there won't be a war, but we won't allow a pogrom of Serbs: Vucic about tensions on Kosovo (PHOTO)

I will personally give my best to abolish the taxes imposed by Pristina authorities: Johannes Hahn met with the members of the Serbian List (PHOTO)

The European Parliament asks Kosovo to respect the CEFTA agreement but also demands visas for citizens

Pristina "slapped" Americans: No one expected this kind of an answer from Kosovo

He introduced 100% taxes to Serbia, and now he is laughing to our face: Kosovo minister published a selfie with Rama and he wrote "100%" (PHOTO)

The US and the EU can force Pristina to withdraw its decision

Confession of a season worker on the Adriatic coast: I am a waiter without a free day, and I am earning my wage by not giving the fiscal bills

There are 23.238 millionaires in Serbia, and most of them are managers, directors, and engineers (A LIST BY THE CITIES)

The government of Republika Srpska has decided to reduce the price of fuel

Protest over fuel prices: Road and bridge blockades in Belgrade and Novi Sad are over for now (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Woman from Montenegro deported from the USA after 30 years for a single lie: She said goodbye from her two sons in tears