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Haradinaj once again provoking: "Abolishing taxes would be a capital political mistake"

"As for reciprocity, I like the idea, but let the taxes remain," he said

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The outgoing prime minister of temporary Pristina institutions, Ramush Haradinaj, has a message for his possible successor, Albin Kurti: Haradinaj likes the idea of ​​reciprocity with Belgrade, but also says that abolishing taxes on products from central Serbia without the recognition of the so called Kosovo independence would be a capital political mistake.

Haradinaj told this to reporters after a session of his cabinet now in a technical mandate, adding that taxes are not the only policy - there's also the positions by which Pristina, he said, "kept Kosovo independent, which made it possible to make a decision on reforming the Kosovo army, about Trepca..."

"As for reciprocity, I like the idea, but let the taxes remain. If the Self-Determination Movement is creating reciprocity, I don't understand why we shouldn't continue with the taxes, and I'm surprised by the attitude of anyone who would allow Serbian goods back without receiving recognition, because it would be a capital political mistake," Haradinaj said, Gazeta Express reported.

Haradinaj also spoke about the specialist court for the crimes of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), stating that the decision to form that court should be reviewed in the Kosovo parliament.



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