The US intensifies pressure on Pristina! Meeting of Haradinaj and Kosnett, there is only one request on the table: Abolish taxes

Kosnett and Haradinaj will hold the meeting in the office of Parliament Speaker Kadri Veseli

US Ambassador to Pristina, Philip S. Kosnett, is scheduled to meet today with the Prime Minister of the Pristina provisional institutions, Ramush Haradinaj, on the issue of abolishing 100% of the increased taxes on products from Serbia, and the US is insisting to abolish this measure, writes Pristina Zeri.

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Kosnett and Haradinaj will hold the meeting in the office of Parliament Speaker Kadri Veseli.

Veseli, who has repeatedly stated that he was the initiator of the introduction of this measure towards Serbia, later changed his mind and demanded that Haradinaj temporarily suspend the fees due to international pressure and in particular the US demand, which would open the possibility for the continuation of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, which has been interrupted since November last year.

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Zeri reminds that Haradinaj did not want to comment yesterday whether the taxes will be abolished, as the United States and the European Union desire.

- The snow will melt once - said Haradinaj on the question of a journalist about the meeting with Kosnett and the talk about taxes.

On the other hand, Hashim Thaci called for a withdrawal of the government's decision on taxes because he believes, it affects Kosovo's relations with the United States.

In the meantime, opposition MPs have expressed the belief that 100 percent of the increased tax will be abolished, after the US demands, while analysts estimate that the Kosovo institutions will "give in" facing US pressure.

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They, however, believe that this should not happen until it is quite clear what kind of benefits Pristina will have from this compromise.

- Relations with the US are more important than any of the electoral interests, and anyone who violates US investment in Kosovo naturally does not have civic support. If someone in Kosovo expects Serbia to help Kosovo get out of this framework, it is important that we don't make mistakes and to be united - said Thaci at the press conference.

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