Teme: Technology

VESELIN JEVROSIMOVIC: The artificial intelligence will become even more advanced in 2018

Putin is building smart RUSSIAN CITIES in Serbia

They are geniuses and the pride of Serbia! Our students are officially the best robotics engineers in the world

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The company Comtrade named Microsoft Partner of the Year again this year!

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Vucic with Putin in Moscow, economic cooperation in focus

VESELIN JEVROSIMOVIC: Social networks became parallel reality

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Comtrade Gaming's Technology to Extend Monitoring Capacities in Australia

First Swiss Virtual - Reality - music video

Martina is Balkan sex bomb and a scientist: She works as engineer and a photo mode, she invented smart shoes, and her final destination is NASA (PHOTO)

TECHNOLOGICAL WONDER for cancer treatment arrives to Serbia!


Comtrade exported 800 MILLION EUROS in software from Slovenia! (VIDEO)

SLOVENIAN SECRETARY SAID TO COMTRADE: You have our government's support! (VIDEO)

COMTRADE opened a new software development center in Maribor (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Vucic: Its not realistic to think that Trump will cancel the Kosovo recognition

Discovering “Brigitte Bardot 2.0” at Europe’s Fastest Growing Tech Conference

Wynwood - mixture of art, business, trade, technology and cultures (FOTO)

The MANA Group has identified and owns the two single biggest project in Miami. Capable of impacting the future of Miami

MYSTERY: The new church in Serbia is hiding a very STRANGE SECRET! (VIDEO)

SERBIA AND NATO ARE CREATING A ROBOT! Its name is T-WREX, and this is what it's capable of!

SERBS CONTROL CROAT'S BRAINS, THEY HAVE TESLA'S WEAPON: The greatest conspiracy theory in history of conspiracy theories!

YOU WANT TO WORK IN FINLAND? Average salary is 4.000 Euros, and here is what you need

The salary here is 20.000 Euro, you have a 3-month-vacation, but still, NO ONE WANTS THIS JOB!

Austria seeks workers, MINIMUM WAGE is 1500 Euro! This you have to know to get a job there (VIDEO)

Nikolic confers with Huawei delegation

Veselin Jevrosimović: Engineers of the virtual world!

VICE PRESIDENT OF HP: Our company will be divided into two parts (PHOTO)