First Swiss Virtual - Reality - music video

First Virtual - Reality music video for Ginta Biku "Cet air la", which should be seen even without VR-features

Ginta Biku made a VR - musical video for her Single "Cet air la" as her first local Act. Besides that, she will perform with this song on Sunday in the Swiss final for the Eurovision Song Contest.  

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"I want to present to people a new way of listening to music. I want to show, how music and entertainment of the future looks like." Ginta's goals are quite ambitious. The words of 29 year old girl from Lugan are accompanied with notable work. She will present her Virtual - Reality - music video on Sunday, as a first Swiss girl.

Norwegian director Ray Kay - he recorded a video for "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga and also worked with Britney Spears and Justin Bieber - he compared the production of the clip with music videos from early 1990s, and Biku said: "They were far more complicated and almost nothing was automated.  It is the same now with VR-video recordings."

Watch the video HERE.


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