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Highlights of July events that took Comtrade's business to a whole new level (VIDEO)

The world of technology is never quiet, and perhaps the best example is Comtrade's business

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Although the vacation seaon is well underway, July was an eventful month for Comtrade, filled with business successes.

Take a look at the video to see what Comtrade has managed to accomplish in the past month - from Microsoft's big recognition to its artificial intelligence partnership with the global energy leader, STEM.

And July's successes are only a part of a number of achievements in 2019, showing that hard work, ideas and true vision that Comtrade has invested in for years is a winning combination.

The talent and efforts of all employees of the company have led to some outstanding achievements that will form the basis of Comtrade's further development, but also of all its partners, in the years ahead.



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