Serbian rower, who disappeared, has been found and urgently transported to the hospital

He was found in the vicinity of Berlin

Martin Mackovic (22) who is a Serbian rower who won a medal in a World Championship, has disappeared on Saturday and no one has heard anything about him. 

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The sister of a Serbian rower has published information on her Facebook profile, asking for help. 

Printskrin: facebook/Anna mačković

According to the latest information, he has been found in Berlin vicinity and he has been transported to the hospitalaccording to the B92 unofficial information.

They state from the Rowing Association of Serbia that Martin is well, that he is healthy, and that the contact has been made between him and his father, and that he will be in Belgrade in a day or two.

The mother of the young rower announced that Martin turned off and smashed his phone, deactivated his Facebook profile and he then disappeared.

(Telegraf.co.uk / B92)

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