Self-taught little Genius (15) from Skopje has created an app that solves great problems of sick children and their families (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Darijan Sekerov participated in the world competition of young inventors with his application "Sliko Zbor" and won against 3.000 projects from all over the world in the category "fight against the sickness and hunger"

More than 10.000 people have downloaded the free app from Google Play Store for their Android phone, "Sliko Zbog", intended for children with autism and speech impediment, which was invented by Darijan Sekerov (15) from Skopje when he was not even fourteen years old.  

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- This application allows easier communication of these children with their parents and the environment. I made it at the request of parents and the Association of Children with Autism and Speech impedimentIt is easy to use and it's free. Eight themes are incorporated in it - " Game and fun", "Greetings and conversation", "Weather events", "Clothes and shoes", "Numbers", "Forms", "Wild Animals", "Domestic Animals" and "Family". I intend to upgrade the app "Sliko Zbor", and it is easy to use.

It works by selecting the specific theme, press the certain picture, and the voice is heard after that, borrowed by my sister Srna, who describes the photo - explains Darijan Sekerov for Telegraf, who got into high school this year.

This little genius said that he created the app from his heart to help the children with autism and speech impediments. That is why he named his work "from children to children". He participated in the world competition of young inventors with his application "Sliko Zbor" and won over 3.000 projects from all over the world in the category "fight against the sickness and hunger. 

Macedonian Ministry of Education recognized his app, parents are using it, speech therapists and teachers in special schools. The effect is more than good, and hence so many downloads, explains his father Toni Sekerov, who works in a hospital as a radiological technologist.

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I have a colleague at work who has an autistic child. They can hardly communicate with him with the help they have. The teacher of their child saw some application for android cell phones in the English language, and she said on one of the meetings that it would be good if someone could make a similar app in the Macedonian language. The Association of Autistic children came to several companies, but they asked for the excessive amount of money. Others said no saying that they don't have any economic interest. The colleague knew that my son was into programming and making apps for android, so he asked me if Darijan could do it. My son gladly accepted. He worked on the app in the winter vacation 2015-2016. That's how "Sliko Zbog" came to be - said Toni Sekerov. 

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Darijan was interested in computers when he was 4 years old, said his father, but not for gaming, but as a tool. His parents found him educational games, mostly in the English language.

Darijan learned to write Cyrillic and Latin letters with those games, and to read and write in the English language first, and then in Macedonian.

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He is now fluent in English and German language, and he knows multiple computer languages: C/C++, Java, .NET, Objective-C, Python, Android, iOS, HTML5 & CSS3, JavaScript, PHP...

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- I was interested in the development of mobile phone applications three years ago when I was 12 years old. I am self-taught for Android. So far, I've made 16 applications. All are free to download from the Google Play Store. These applications are educational, they serve to boost memory, for fun, but they are also informative. My most successful application is "Sliko Zbor", and the latest application I've done for Android is "Colorful alphabet", intended for learning the Macedonian alphabet and the first words for children of pre-school age. It's actually a cell phone spelling book - says Darijan Sekerov.

Foto: D. Joksic

The little genius from Skopje participated in numerous competitions in Macedonia and abroad in information science, mathematics, physics, and chemistry, where he won a number of awards. He wants to be a programmer in his or some other country's standing IT firm when he finishes high-level IT education.

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