Maja is the mother of courage: She had a very difficult pregnancy, her incredible story has TWO happy endings (VIDEO)

Thanks to the doctors, two "bundles" saw the light of the day - Sasa and Minja

Maja Jakovljevic from Popovac in Croatia was born with heart deficiency, the aorta came from the right chamber, and the lung artery from the left, which could cause death, writes dnevnik.hr.

Maja from Subotica refused to vaccinate her son - she received a sentence of 20 days in prison!

- I went to America to have a surgery as a baby and they diagnosed me with transposition of large blood vessels. And everything was fine, until adulthood - she said.

The heart was weakened, she got an arrhythmia. Right at the time, she began to think about pregnancy. She asked for help from University Hospital Centre Zagreb.

- I saw that besides the problem of pregnancy, which was forbidden in another hospital, there was a problem with the heart which should be taken cared of immediately. We admitted the patient to the clinic - said Dr. Josko Bulum from Clinics for Cardiovascular Diseases of University Hospital Centre Zagreb.

They replaced her heart valve and set up a pacemaker

- We wanted to implement the heart stimulation that will ensure a more natural flow of the impulse - said the professor  Dr. Jadranka Separovic Hanzevacki from the same clinic.

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- That is really revolutionary and I think that we have to be proud the decision was brought for the first time in the world - said Dr. Jadranka Separovic.

Maja could finally think about the pregnancy. She became pregnant with the help of artificial insemination

- Maja gained very little weight during pregnancy, which is very good. All cardiological results were good. And then we decided together to make a Caesarean section at 35 weeks on cardiologist's request - said the Prof. Dr. Hrvoje Vrcic, head of the Institute for Human Reproduction Zagreb.

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Minja and Sasa came to this world 4 days ago.

I am happy! I will finally see them, and I hope both of them, together. I guess I will know better. I am still not aware until I see them - said Maja.

They say from the hospital that it is a success of the entire team. 

Because that is not just a reflection of our top experts, but the reflection of the good organization of the system - said Ante Corusic, head of the University Hospital Centre Zagreb

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- We are proud and happy that some stories, even those with difficult cases, have a happy ending, like this one - adds Davor Milicic, Head of the Clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases Zagreb.

This story has two happy endings - Sasa and Minja.

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