Teme: Art

This piano was brought from London to Belgrade six decades ago: The owner is giving it for FREE to the one who meets ONE CONDITION (PHOTO)

Immovable actress in disability bicycle drove across Europe, and now she is in Macedonia and she has important message for everybody! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The world famous architect has big plans for Belgrade: The capital gets its own Prater (PHOTO)

History will be made on March 24th on the Republic Square: Belgrade will send the most beautiful picture of Serbia to the whole world (PHOTO)

He says that he is lazy, but 70 of his murals are decorating gray and boring walls (PHOTO)

We went to Banksy & Warhol exhibition in Amsterdam: This is a feast for the eyes and soul (PHOTO)

WHERE DID 7.000 ICONS END UP? Serbs from Croatia about religious heritage missing during the war

Vucic at the symposium "World Minds": Today Serbia has a good business environment for all foreign investors (PHOTO)

VANDALISM IN NOVI SAD: Exhibit dedicated to Vukovar destroyed (PHOTO)

Miroslav has the oldest Smurf in the world: And it is completely different from other little blue ones

KUSTURICA DISCOVERED REAL TRUTH ABOUT US IN A SINGLE SENTENCE: When you set things wrong, we never know where the wind blows from (VIDEO)

MIRJANA MILOSEVIC BECAME A WOODEN DOLL: Entire world went crazy for this woman, and she reveals her secret (VIDEO)

This Serbian will show her babies on a show in France (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

THIS BOY FROM BOSNIA IS THE NEW PICASSO: He is only 11, and he creates amazing artworks (PHOTO)

Wynwood - mixture of art, business, trade, technology and cultures (FOTO)

The MANA Group has identified and owns the two single biggest project in Miami. Capable of impacting the future of Miami

THE BLOODIEST PLACE ON BALKAN UNDER SIEGE: Artists send a very important message from Goli otok

GIANT ROBOT GRABBED A SERB AND SMEARED HIM AGAINST THE WALL! Artist Dragan Ilic pushes the limits of painting!

PEOPLE FROM BELGRADE KISS THIS PICTURE, FOR REAL: Putin in shop window caused CHAOS in the center of the capital! (VIDEO)

The body of this Serb is full with TATTOOS, and one of them will leave you BREATHLESS (VIDEO)


THIS EVENT HAS SERBIA TALKING: In the middle of the embassy, this young man did something that shocked everyone! (PHOTO)

THIS SERB IS CONQUERING THE WORLD WITH HIS PORTRAITS: International stars praise him, and his drawings are so realistic that they will blow you away! (PHOTO)