Teme: Artist

She gave people 30 seconds to touch her vagina, but they had to look her in the eyes. And now, she walked through Rijeka entirely naked! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

This piano was brought from London to Belgrade six decades ago: The owner is giving it for FREE to the one who meets ONE CONDITION (PHOTO)

You listen to their hit every day on the radio, and you don't know who it is: He answered some of our crazy questions (VIDEO)

He says that he is lazy, but 70 of his murals are decorating gray and boring walls (PHOTO)

Man from Belgrade who wrote first SF drama in the word, brother of our famous artist (PHOTO)

We went to Banksy & Warhol exhibition in Amsterdam: This is a feast for the eyes and soul (PHOTO)

ST SAVA TEMPLE VS OSTROG: More and more orthodox tattoos on bodies, each is more brutal than the last (PHOTO)

NEW INCIDENT IN CROATIA: Serbedzija almost left the studio of Zagreb's N1 television


KUSTURICA DISCOVERED REAL TRUTH ABOUT US IN A SINGLE SENTENCE: When you set things wrong, we never know where the wind blows from (VIDEO)

MIRJANA MILOSEVIC BECAME A WOODEN DOLL: Entire world went crazy for this woman, and she reveals her secret (VIDEO)

THE BLOODIEST PLACE ON BALKAN UNDER SIEGE: Artists send a very important message from Goli otok

Jelena looks like Kim Kardashian so much that Americans totally lost their mind for her! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

GIANT ROBOT GRABBED A SERB AND SMEARED HIM AGAINST THE WALL! Artist Dragan Ilic pushes the limits of painting!

PEOPLE FROM BELGRADE KISS THIS PICTURE, FOR REAL: Putin in shop window caused CHAOS in the center of the capital! (VIDEO)

ALEN IS BOUND TO THE CHAIR, BUT HE REACHED HIS DREAM: He became an academic painter, let him be an inspiration to you (VIDEO)

THIS EVENT HAS SERBIA TALKING: In the middle of the embassy, this young man did something that shocked everyone! (PHOTO)