Teme: Artist

Man from Belgrade who wrote first SF drama in the word, brother of our famous artist (PHOTO)

We went to Banksy & Warhol exhibition in Amsterdam: This is a feast for the eyes and soul (PHOTO)

ST SAVA TEMPLE VS OSTROG: More and more orthodox tattoos on bodies, each is more brutal than the last (PHOTO)

NEW INCIDENT IN CROATIA: Serbedzija almost left the studio of Zagreb's N1 television


KUSTURICA DISCOVERED REAL TRUTH ABOUT US IN A SINGLE SENTENCE: When you set things wrong, we never know where the wind blows from (VIDEO)

MIRJANA MILOSEVIC BECAME A WOODEN DOLL: Entire world went crazy for this woman, and she reveals her secret (VIDEO)

THE BLOODIEST PLACE ON BALKAN UNDER SIEGE: Artists send a very important message from Goli otok

Jelena looks like Kim Kardashian so much that Americans totally lost their mind for her! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

GIANT ROBOT GRABBED A SERB AND SMEARED HIM AGAINST THE WALL! Artist Dragan Ilic pushes the limits of painting!

PEOPLE FROM BELGRADE KISS THIS PICTURE, FOR REAL: Putin in shop window caused CHAOS in the center of the capital! (VIDEO)

ALEN IS BOUND TO THE CHAIR, BUT HE REACHED HIS DREAM: He became an academic painter, let him be an inspiration to you (VIDEO)

THIS EVENT HAS SERBIA TALKING: In the middle of the embassy, this young man did something that shocked everyone! (PHOTO)