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He says that he is lazy, but 70 of his murals are decorating gray and boring walls (PHOTO)

Deni Bozic (23) thinks that his fellow citizens find the Tesla portrait their favorite

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When they see his works, the reactions of the fellow citizens are more than positive. His art requires a wall, concrete acrylic paint and brushes. Around 70 murals of Deni Bozic (23) are decorating the streets of Doboj. Some admirers of his work consider that he did more for this city than the mayor, making it more beautiful with his skills. 

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He immortalized actors on the walls, musicians, writers, characters from comics, cartoons: Djokovic, Joker, Batman, Zagor and Scooby, Andric and Copic are just some of the characters that smile to people passing by from the walls of buildings.
Bozic thinks that his fellow citizens find the Tesla portrait their favorite. And the enjoys making portraits the most.

- I am self taught and i am terribly lazy and stubborn, so i don't go to "courses and academies". I am mostly "tweaking" something, reading, learning something new. I can't breathe without music, at least it has to play in my head - said this young artist.
In time it became quite comfortable to come to certain location, but it wasn't always like that. I had unpleasant situations and funny ones, but nothing worth mentioning.
Most of the murals are mainly "ordered". Deni Bozic is not picky, he easily accepts other's ideas, but he has all the freedom.

- I don't plan too much. The right idea is important in the right moment. I don't base on anything specific - said Deni. - Luckily, material is not to expensive.
He believes that he would be most productive during the night, but, it is hard to do murals at that time. Everything he needs is a bit of boredom, nice weather and nice location to make something.

Deni admits that he thought about earning money on his talent and work abroad, but he still hasn't found the "magic" for it...
If you did not have the opportunity to see the works in Doboj, you can visit Deni's Facebook page.

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