KUSTURICA DISCOVERED REAL TRUTH ABOUT US IN A SINGLE SENTENCE: When you set things wrong, we never know where the wind blows from (VIDEO)

Kustica mentioned that in his, and as well in many other stories, the events were described that do not match the reality, but they can be treated like true

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts on Friday, 18 November, will mark 175 years since the founding of the Society of Serbian Letters, and on this occasion, in addition to the rich content that celebrates this event on Wednesday at noon, a lecture was held by a foreign member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republic Serbia prof. Emir Kusturica. Eloquent, meaningful and direct, as always, Kusturica is metaphorical and on his own way expressed his opinion on current events in Serbia, the region and the world.

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The artist was greeted with applause, but right at the beginning he joked that he did not know that the talk will be that serious, otherwise he would be better prepared.

- God is culture, culture is God, this is an idea that is provable, but when I started to prove it, it turned out that it takes a little longer.

So I divided the subject into three work, and today I will talk about it from the start - Kusturica began exposing.

The story that has been written is the first part of the above mentioned ideas, and its objective is to show everyone on what page are we?  The story was Kusturica's imagined walk with Matija Beckovic.

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

- It is no wonder that we first walked through Belgrade, and arrived to Mecavnik. It is unusual that walks and travels were done in silence, all until Matija said a phenomenal thing at the end "Silence was just. So much has been said, and lots of it has been written. When we add movies above all, the picture is complete" - read Emir, and almost everybody in the hall stopped breathing, how quiet they were and breathed as one.

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

Kustica mentioned that in his, and as well in many other stories, the events were described that do not match the reality, but they can be treated like true.

So Matija and Kusturica wondered where are we in this world talk? And there is where this unorthodox travel began.

Through metaphors and allusions, the director and artist looked back on current events, on the winds that blow from west and east and meet right around Serbia, and then the current president elected in United States, Donald Trump, and many other topics...

All of that through the conclusion that once the things are set wrongly, you will never know "from where the wind blows".

I remained looking on the rooster that was moving slightly left and right, slow wind, standing on the railway square and with arrows pointing the sides of the world, while he is spinning on the wind in the chimney. Lately, the winds are strong, but the sides of the world are stubbornly keeping their positions. Everything changed, but that sides remain the same, then don't give in. One neighbor put the rooster on the roof totally wrongly, and he never again knew from where the wind blows - said Kusturica.

Watch the whole lecture of Emir Kusturica:


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