Teme: Montenegro

Gey lads will be able to legally marry in Montenegro: Will they be able to adopt children?

Unprecedented scandal in the Clinical Center of Montenegro: They gave someone else's baby to the mother, and the husband noticed that the child was too small when they got home

Iznad Beograda, na terasi Saše Pavlovića: O NBA, reprezentaciji, Lebronu, Partizanu, jedrenju... (FOTO) (VIDEO)

An incredible scene in Budva: A person was hit by a motorcycle and then he got up as if nothing happened (VIDEO)

These Serbs walked for four days to reach Ostrog: They walked 150 kilometers, step by step (PHOTO)

Trouble in the Bay of Kotor: Wind pushed the cruiser which then came close to the coast (PHOTO)

Putin congratulated Milo Djukanovic on the victory in the elections. Here's what he told him

Milo Djukanovic proclaimed victory! Montenegro got a new president

Election silence begins at midnight: Montenegro chooses the president

Montenegrins are left empty-handed: Russians refused to issue a license to Montenegro Airlines

A Montenegrin came to show off his expensive car at the coast of Ulcinj: He was caught off guard when the waves came crashing over him (VIDEO)

Montenegro has 64 millionaires: This is how much money the richest citizen has

Montenegro with the West: They are expelling the honorable consul of Russia

These Balkan states decided to expel the Russian diplomats and to support the West: Serbia is not among them!

High school students born in 1999 "remember" NATO crimes: Students from Montenegro showed spite by wearing shirts with a target and Cyrillic words (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Blizzard paralyzed the Balkans: Hurricane storm roars at 170 km/h over Croatia, Montenegrins are going through the meter of snow (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

TEAR GAS was thrown when a member of the Serbian list entered the Kosovo Parliament: The vote on the disputed law was obstructed once again

While everything is floating around them after the storm, Montenegrins are relaxed, sitting in their rubber boots and casually drinking wine at Ada Bojana (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

New mafia showdown in Podgorica: The bomb exploded under the stands on the stadium "Buducnost", the target was a runaway Mario Milosevic (VIDEO)

Brave Tatjana from Niksic amazed Montenegro and Balkans: She donated her kidney to the 20 years younger neighbor, thus saving his life (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Chaos in Montenegro: Streets closed because of the tide, the landslides completely blocked all roads (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Brutal fighting scenes in Kolasin: A group attacked a boy, there was a girl among the bullies, and everything started with the fight of two families (PHOTO)

Montenegrins are sending two officers to KFOR's mission to Kosovo: This was the response to the question how will Serbia react

Skiing and Snowman in Ulcinj: Herceg Novi and Sveti Stefan became white, snow will continue to fall for the next few days

Important news coming to Belgrade from Tirana: Juncker in Serbia on joining the European Union, there are whispers about the dates

Dalibor didn't want to kill himself, the device exploded by accident: Unexpected twist in the case of thrown bomb at the embassy of USA

Former decorated soldier of Yugoslav National Army despised NATO, his last statuses pointed to horror: Who is Dalibor from Kraljevo who blew himself up in front of the US embassy? (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Silence after the night of terror in Podgorica: A cordon of police in front of the US embassy, the investigation is in progress (PHOTO, VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

Creepy night in Montenegro: He threw a bomb at the USA embassy, and then he killed himself

Police officers brutally beat three young men in the center of Podgorica: They were dismissed from work and their superior was fired (VIDEO)