Teme: Montenegro

Haradinaj would like to draw new borders on Balkans: After ratification of an agreement with Montenegro, the demarcation with Serbia is next

Creepy footage of the crash in Becici where a young man from Serbia died and his fiancée was seriously injured (VIDEO)

Boxer, known for setting his "Porsche" on fire in Belgrade, has caused a new scandal in Montenegro

Fire is raging above Budva, the wind has spread the fire (PHOTO)

Montenegrin Edin Krnic has visited 111 countries so far: I do not go to expensive hotels, but I met a king, lived with the tribe and had a great time in Pyongyang (PHOTO)

Run, people! Ashes are falling over us, and the fire is getting close: Fire broke out in Petrovac on the sea, and the locals fear for their homes

Safe step into the abyss? New "Genoa" danger from the bridge Ujin Potok near Bar. The view of the construction causes chills (PHOTO)

Two women from Belgrade came for vacation in Tivat, and then they started robbing: Huanita and Hana broke into a house, they stole thousands of euros and gold jewelry

Montenegrins fear that they could experience the same tragic fate of Genoa: Take a look at the terrible sight of the cracked busy bridge (PHOTO)

Montenegrins caught the "beast" that was roaming the Adriatic sea: It looks like a shark, it waggled its tail, it dazes and eats fish, but not humans (PHOTO)

The most disgusting sight from the beach in Montenegro: Communal police have to start doing something (PHOTO)

Bloody shooting after midnight in Bijelo Polje: One Serb was killed, the other one was wounded!

Albanians occupied Budva, Serbs are in Ulcinj: This is what the tourist season in Montenegro looks like

Video of the spectacular action where Montenegrins were arrested with 20 tons of hashish

Montenegrin politician is going to Knin to apologize to Serbs for the presence of Colonel of Montenegrin Army at the celebration of the "Storm" (PHOTO)

A tourist reported that he saw a shark in Becici and he caused panic, this is what's actually behind the story of the sea monster (PHOTO)

Two countries, one soul: Montenegro kids celebrated the European gold with "Eagles"! (VIDEO)

Bloody wedding in Podgorica: Bride ended up with a broken jaw, the godfather in prison, and eight people were arrested

Milos' pregnant fiancee Snezana is still in critical condition: She is still in shock room and she doesn't know that her boyfriend is dead

Patriarch Irinej compared the position of Serbs in Montenegro with those in the Independent State of Croatia: Unfortunately, hatred exists in the people

A job for 10.000 season workers in Montenegro: These occupations are most wanted, and you know at least one of them

Don't yell at me! Move away from here: Montenegrin woman brutally answered to the attempts to chase her away from the beach because she didn't want to pay for the sunbed (VIDEO)

The horrible death of a Serb in Becici: Was the daughter of a local tycoon and the owner of a luxurious hotel on St Stefan behind the steering wheel of death? (PHOTO)

A ton of drugs is floating near Ulcinj, it is suspected that Albanians did it: Fishermen noticed packages in the sea, and the police found something terrible

Mladjan Dinkic becomes Advisor to Milo Djukanovic

Montenegro is not calming down: After Podgorica, a new earthquake struck Cetinje

Strong earthquake from Albania shook Montenegro: Podgorica on its feet

Frightening data: Every third Serb owns a gun, either legally or illegally

Mysterious foam frightened citizens, firefighters are not allowing anyone to come close: The unknown chemical wasted into river Lim (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

NATO is guarding the airspace above Montenegro, starting from today