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SCANDALOUS: Vujosevic attacked someone from the red-and-whites (VIDEO)

After the end of the match, in front of the locker room, there was a physical confrontation between Partizan's coach and one of the representatives of the red-and-whites

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After the completion of the fourth match between Red Star and Partizan, in which Partizan celebrated their success in getting to the ABA league semi-final series, and as a result making way for their play in the Euroleague, a tumultuous scene occurred in front of the locker room, when a confrontation turned physical between Partizan's coach, Dusko Vujosevic and a member of the Red Star basketball team.


As far as we could see in the television broadcast, while Luka Mitrovic was giving a statement, in the background was a crowd that was interrupted by the Gendarmerie, who attempted to separate Vujosevic to one side. According to initial information, the other opponent was a representative for the red-and-whites, Mirko Pavlovic, that was attacked by the strategist champion of Serbia . However, Vujosevic denied this.


The most beautiful moment of the Derby: The captain of Red Star helps Muric up, while the red-and-whites run their counter-attack (PHOTO)


The same thing was done by Dusko Vujosevic at the media press conference who said that he had not seen Mirko Pavlovic, but that it was one of Red Star's leading fans that was in the hall the previous day, and then asked to leave during the break.


According to his words, he exchanged a few insulting remarks to Vujosevic in the hallway, and then the whole crowd ensued. As claimed by the Partizan coach, the Gendarmerie then intervened and knew exactly what his name was, as he gave his statement.


RADONJIC AND VUJOSEVIC SHOW: We asked them if they would get fired if they lose, have a look at their reactions! (VIDEO)


Partizan fans remained in the hall for thirty mins after the game, and sang songs of support, but a press conference is long overdue.




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