THE BRUTAL ATROCITIES OF NASER ORIC: With bare hands he gouged out the eyes of Serbian civilians!

According to greatly informed sources, after the arrest of Oric in Switzerland, panic spread among certain Bosnian officials because of their close ties with the war criminal

The list of witnesses in the case against the commander of the BiH Army Naser Oric, lead by the Office of the War Crimes Chamber in Belgrade are the commanders of  his unit  who will testify that Oric was directly involved in the atrocious crimes committed on the territory of RS.

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According to greatly informed sources, after the arrest of Oric in Switzerland, panic spread among certain Bosnian Officials because of their close ties with the war criminal, and therefore the ability to connect them with crimes committed in the civil war.

- A member of Oric's unit, one of the protected witnesses of the prosecution was present at the time when Oric personally dug out the eyes of one Serbian civilian. He is ready to testify this - said a source close to "Nase Novine".

Because of the seriousness of the accusations, none of the interlocutors wished to officially comment on the case, but they all agreed that it was word of quality-credible witnesses.

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Foto: sense-agency.com

Foto: sense-agency.com

- Oric's command staff, close associates and comrades testify about his behavior. There are a large number of witnesses in his unit. They will finally present the cruelty of the Bosniak commander and his direct involvement in crimes in Srebrenica, which is now, according to judgments being forgotten.

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In addition to the witnesses, there is a large body of evidence, available to the court for war crimes in Sarajevo, but since 2009 they have not done anything on this matter.

- Sarajevo revoked the case from the District Court in Bijeljina on the grounds that proceedings will continue there. As it was then, it is now. Even now, nothing has been done concerning the matter - says an interlocutor and adds that the case in Sarajevo is lead by the deputy prosecutor, who is a Serb.

He believes that the entire case is on standy because of Bosnian officials with personal ties with Oric and the potential of them being involving  in the crimes committed during the civil war of the nineties.

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