Sinisa Milic (45) was blown up in a jeep in Belgrade, member of the Luka Bojovic clan, a man who was arrested for stalking Vucic (PHOTOS)

A journalist is missing - he used to report death threats, he was attacked and his car was smashed because he is a "foreign mercenary": The search continues

A man was shot in the middle of the day in Krusevac: His son was assassinated in the center of the city in a similar way (VIDEO)

Head drug-dealer was murdered last night in Belgrade: Everything about Radovan Laketic whose body was found on Vozdovac

Shootings and assassinations on Belgrade streets opened the door to the underground we never knew existed

The bitter fates of all 12 godfathers of Luka Bojovic: They butchered, murdered, and then they ended up even worse

Bloody Azra sentenced to 14 years in prison: She tortured and butchered Serbs, she tore away their genitals and ears, she cut in crosses and letter "S"

Everything about the Hells Angels who are coming to Jagodina: They are associated with fights to the death, they are banned somewhere, and these are their secret symbols (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The owner of the nightclub in Podgorica murdered! He feared for his safety, he was friends with the local clan (PHOTO)

Fathers of the brutally murdered young men, David and Dzenan, protested in Sarajevo: They asked for justice for their children and they said they won't give up (VIDEO)

They accused a Bosnian of kidnapping a girl, and then they both showed up to the police and kissed in front of everybody

Do you know the feeling when 2.000 angry people start charging at you because their f*cking club lost from the stronger one? Confession of the police officer Tanja who had enough of it

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