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- Don't you see that the wolves are hungry, the non-believers dirty, bloodthirsty of Muslim blood? Their teeth are sharpened. They walk all over us Muslim everywhere. But we will trample them even more, with the help of Allah - said a Bosnian woman who left with her family to Syria where she joined the Islamic State

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- Don't you see that the wolves are hungry, the non-believers dirty, bloodthirsty of Muslim blood? Their teeth are sharpened. They walk all over Muslims everywhere. But we will trample them even more, with the help of Allah - said a Bosnian woman who left with her family to Syria where she joined the Islamic State

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The Bosnian woman, who with her family went to Syria and joined the Islamic State sent a letter to the portal "Vijestiummeta.com", who posted it on their website. A woman who was signed as Um Shuhei in an open letter is calling for the fight against non-believers and consequently, glorifies Islam.

ISIS ATTACKS FOR THE WEEKEND? Security services warn of terrorist attacks!

We relay you her letter in its entirety:

It's time...

My little girl was born in Syria, Shamu, in the chosen country, of which the angels spread their wings, and the country that assembles believers. I carried her in my arms while I walked through the street of Syria with my husband, and the city echoed of the sound of Našid-Arab secular music, in which the performers described the beauty of Jihad and the climax of love for Allah, beauty of Islam, and fearless lions - the Mujahideen fighters.

I thought, and told my husband, "Look, elhamdulila (thank God) our child was born in the land of Islam, we walk down the street and hear Našid or Koran, our child listens to Arabic, the language of the Koran and Heaven" Thank God she listens to this. She doesn't walk down the streets in disbelief and does not listen to devilish music and vulgarity in the country of infidelity, such as was imposed on our ears.

JIHADISTS HAVE ARRIVED IN SERBIA AND ARE THREATENING: We will make CALIPHATE in the Balkans, and of Serbs – slaves!

Foto: Tanjug/AP, Wikimedia/Islamic State

Foto: Tanjug/AP, Wikimedia/Islamic State

There, in the land of unbelief, wherever you would go, you could hear empty, hollow words, the call of diabolic music. Whether you're on the street or in a car, even in close quarters, and at our gates. "Islamic" neighborhood, and "Muslim" houses.

CHILDREN FROM BOSNIA FIGHTING FOR THE ISLAMIC STATE: They learn to pray beside automatic weapons and terrorist flags!

We are happy. We migrated in the name of Allah, from the land of non-believers to the land of Islam, where we are free, where we do not have the pressure to be what we want, above all, to be what Allah wants from us, working on what he likes, and what he submitted to the publication, according to his messenger, and thus serve as one more grain of place in the beautiful necklace of the Islamic faith.

The necklace of the Islamic faith, and the group, from various parts of the world, of different colors and languages, with no advantages over others, except through piety. Without democracy, nationalism and racism. Together under the banner of the Caliphate, so different, yet the same language of the heart that knows why it is there, fighting for the word of Allah to be the upper and the infidel the lower. With the hijra we became witnesses and victims of temptation. Witnesses of blood scented Mujaheddins, who poured their blood for Allah. Mujahedin, smiling, sacrificing body and life, all for one, for his pleasure. So cheap, but such an expensive reward- heaven!

JIHADISTS ARE THREATENING SERBIA! Once a Serb village, TERRORISTS OF THE ISLAMIC STATE have turned it into their camp, two hours away from Belgrade!

Foto: Tanjug / AP

Foto: Tanjug / AP

And that increases our belief and strengthens us not to doubt this at all. So what else should be proof to you, those that are still there!? Where you are oppressed. Open your eyes, and look - it's time. Can't you see that the wolves are hungry, the infidels dirty, bloodthirsty for our Muslim blood?

WARRIORS OF THE ISLAMIC STATE IN BOSNIA: Terrorists are buying land only 260 km from Belgrade! (VIDEO)

Their teeth are sharpened. They trample us Muslims everywhere. But we trample them even more, with the help of Allah. As they glare at Islam, Muslims, eager to overthrow us, those who help and those above, who have joined together to fight and live according to the  messenger.

And for those who still do not want to, "Muslims", ask yourself about your condition. Husband and wife have accepted Islam, two years in Islam they migrated with their children. Two brothers accepted Islam, came and gave their bodies to Allah, to preserve the boundaries of the Islamic State.

Terrorist movements must not be called liberators

Printskrin: TV Pink

Printskrin: TV Pink

What is with you, the Muslims!? Open your eyes, listen if you want Allah to instruct you, and soften the walls of your heart. Let excuses "there is time", get ready to die while there is still time before it catches up to you unprepared, give Allah the best of yourself. Allah knows who wants and who can, and who will not, and who does not think about it. They rape our sisters! Our! Because a Muslim is a Muslim's brother, and when one part of the body gets ill then other parts of the body suffer. They are killing Muslim children and brothers!

Well, do you suffer? Do you suffer just to remember them and think of them and pray for them? If not, now is the time!

It's time. To repent sincerely, it is time. For the pilgrimmage, it's time. As one sister said, and wrote, and I quote: "I swear on my lord, this is truly the Caliphate, clear as your ability to speak, see and hear." If not now, during the caliphate, then when, my dear Muslims?"




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