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Serbian musician Bajaga requested 30 thousand euros to sing before the match Albania-Serbia

A concert of reconciliation in Elbasan on the eve of the football match on October 8 is being prepared

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Historical Reconciliation at the football match between Albania and Serbia. The organizers of the match of qualifications for EURO 2016 are preparing themselves for the high-risk match that is played on 8 October in the town of Elbasan on the stadium receiving around 13 thousand fans.


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Albanians are intended to, before the game that will undoubtedly raise the tension to boiling as it approaches, organize a joint concert of Albanian and Serbian singers.


After the individual performances, it is planned that by joint performance and the song of reconciliation singers defuse tension and announce a football match in which the game and the result will hopefully be in the foreground.


Serbia wants the World Indoor Championship in 2020! (PHOTO)




As we found out, the Albanians first offered Momcilo Bajagić Bajaga and his team to be part of the historic concert, but an agreement has not occurred because the alleged figure of 30 thousand euros as demanded by Bajaga for the performance was smoothly declined.Koncert Kiki Lesadric na Beer festu, Bir Fest, Beer fest, Beer fest 2015


They did not make a deal even with Kiki Lesendrić who was initially interested in the performance at "Elbasan arena", but after several pieces of advice of "friends" he decided it was better not to accept the offer.


An agreement was recently finally concluded with one Serbian band, but its name is not yet revealed.


Sebastian Coe visited the new hall: Serbia contributes much to the development of athletics! (PHOTO)




Serbian and Albanian musicians will, thirty minutes before the game, go on stage in front of thousands of fans and first put out hands towards a historical reconciliation. Although without any prior knowledge how the home fans would react to such a phenomenon.


According to the information that our portal has from Albania, unprecedented security measures are being prepared for this meeting, as the hosts for Serbia guests not to miss a hair from the head from the moment they land on the ground of Albania on 7 October.


This move with musicians, if fulfilled until the end, deserves praise.


The concert agency "Long Play" announced and denied our information. The statement pointed out that the agency, but also Momcilo Bajagić received no invitation to participate in a concert of reconciliation, which is scheduled for 8 October at the "Elbasan arena".



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