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Terrorists planned an attack in Sarajevo: They wanted to kill more than 100 people for the New Year's Eve

The arrested were allegedly planning to set an explosive device under a police car on some of the locations where a large group of people usually gathers

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A group of Islamist radicals, who were arrested in Sarajevo earlier this week, had planned a lethal attack on December 31 in the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the intention of murdering as many people as possible, said Dubravko Čampara, the state prosecutor.


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State prosecutor office decided on Thursday to call for a one-month prison sentence in wait for the trial for eight out of eleven men arrested in the police operation "Rez", which had been undergone on 22 December.


This call was accepted by the State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


State prosecutor Čampara, who leads the ongoing investigation, explained this call on the first hearing before the State Court saying there are indications present that the arrested men were planning a bomb terrorist attack on the New Year's Eve.


There are pieces of evidence that the suspects were planning a terrorist attack in which more than a hundred people would get killed, stated the prosecutor.


Foto: AP/Tanjug

Foto: AP/Tanjug


Suspects were allegedly planning to set an explosive device under a police car on some of the locations where a large group of people usually gathers.


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Explosive necessary for this attack still has not been found, and this is another reason for the State Prosecutor's office to call for a prison sentence in wait for the trial, because it was said that if the suspects got out of prison, they would certainly destroy the evidence.


Lawyers of the accused qualified this move as an absurd one, stating that there is no evidence against their clients that would corroborate the Prosecutor's claim.


Persons arrested as allegedly being members of the terrorist group closely related to the Islamic state (IS) are: Elvir Muratović, Kemal Murić, Semir Salković, Zulfo Alajbegović, Edin Tabaković, Darko Peco, Elvir Mašić i Adis Kešan, and they will remain imprisoned for at least thirty days.


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For the accusations presented, the punishment goes from at least ten years imprisonment, conveyed the Bosnian media.



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