MY FRIEND DONALD TRUMP: Here is what the future president of USA really thinks about Serbs!

Vesna da Vinca, a journalist and a producer, revealed the details about her friendship with Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for the presidency of the USA

There is hardly any personality more controversial than the billionaire Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for the president of the USA who shocks with his statements almost every day.

The first thing Ban Ki-moon asked me was: "Have you seen the match between Đoković and Murray yesterday"? The story about Dejan Bojanić, a young Serb from the Forbes' list

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Only 2 people from these areas know him personally - Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic and Vesna da Vinca, a journalist and a producer.

She has been rather active these days posting photos on social networks with him.

In the interview for Telegraf internet portal she presented the story behind the photos.

T: When and how did you meet Donald Trump? How did your first meeting look like?

- You know that I am a journalist and thus attracted to celebrities. I have wanted to meet Trump and that happened in 1997 on Hawaii. Yugoslavia was under sanctions and pressed from USA and NATO. Besides, we were marked as criminals in the media war. We were in a hall full of journalists reporting about the last moves of "Trump Co." when the host asked me "Who are you?". Bravely, smiling, I replied: "I am from Serbia, I am an aggressive Serbian woman!" He was silent for a bit, and then he started laughing, shook my hand and added: "We are similar in character. I also have this reputation. I like the Slavs, my first wife Ivana is a Slav." At that time he was already married to Marla Maples. His children have Slavic blood in them, born out of marriage with Ivana Trump, a girl from the Czech Republic. After that event, I met him many times.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Foto: Privatna arhiva

T: Do you know any anecdote connected with this successful businessman?

- Right then, people in the hall were re-telling the joke Donald said when he was walking through Manhattan with Marla, and saw a beggar sitting and holding a cap for people to throw some money. Donald said: "You see Marla, this man is a lot richer than me. He has got a couple of dollars, and I lost two billion". And that was true. However, in the next few months trump gained his wealth again. He was able to make money even when he would go bankrupt, and would always go on top. Today, he has got 10 billion dollars, and since then I have wanted to learn the secret of bankruptcy. For several times he used to go bankrupt and would owe several billion dollars.

T: On what occasions did you two meet afterwards?

- Because he was my boss! Since 1997 I have become the national director for "Miss Universe" for Serbia and Montenegro. I got the license and the arrangement for our two states. This  was a huge success because the cultural sanctions prevented us from participating at all. Trump made the final call, and from that day onward, I have signed numerous contracts which bind me in a way, but also give me opportunities. We have been present at Miss Universe for 19 years, in 2016! This means that we have managed to fulfill all the parts of the agreement, even during the 1999 bombardment. In that time, Trump was publicly opposing Clinton for the war in Serbia and Montenegro. I thank him for that.

Foto: S. Pikula

Foto: S. Pikula

T: Recently, Donald Trump said while being a guest at Lary King's that Serbia should not have been bombarded because, according to him, we rescued the US pilots during WWII!
Have you maybe told him that?

- He made similar statements even before that King show. Was I responsible - maybe!? Ana Karic and me were chief media organizers during 1999 and we told everyone that the war where innocent people get killed cannot bring a solution. Those were unique opportunities where the media could hear our side of the story. Until then, the world was practically shut for our point of view. Ana did a great job, in good English. Thanks to Miss Universe we were popular a lot and Donald maybe heard that. He was always present at those competitions and often at the meetings with the organizers.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Foto: Privatna arhiva

T: How Trump got in the role of someone connected with the beauty pageant and was there a situation
where two of you did not get along?

- Trump bragged a lot about him being the owner of the Miss Universe as the most successful media item in his career. Through that he created a successful, humane, talented, and influential young woman. Every winner of the Miss Universe would get a scholarship in the media industry, movies, and television. And every winner has to collect the funds through humanitarian dinners for the organizations fighting AIDS.

Foto: Tanjug/AP

Foto: Tanjug/AP

Of course there were moments when something was difficult to understand, but I had to give my signature because you had no choice, it was take it or leave it. Several years ago transvestites got the right to apply for the pageant, and we had to accept that, otherwise it would be impossible for us to compete. The new world order had his role here too, and Trump had to obey, even though he is very conservative in his political views. His point of view is contradictory because he is against gay marriages.

The second reason why Trump went in this area of world beauty is the fact that he managed to create money there, too. When he bought this organization at 1990s for USD 10 million, he sold half of the company the very next year to SBS TV for 40 million. That half was later sold for even more money, because this is a spectacle followed by hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. But, in November 2015 he sold the other half, involuntarily.

Foto: Tanjug / AP

Foto: Tanjug / AP

T: Why did he do that and to whom?

- His political campaign started destroying the value of the Miss Universe company. All this started with his statement against the illegal Mexican residents in the USA and the announcement that he, if he becomes the president, will banish them back to Mexico. He also commented about Mexican settlers, stating that they bring drugs, crime, and violence. Television stations "Televisa", "ORA TV", and the TV network "Univision" openly opposed to this and canceled the cooperation. Without TV station, Miss Universe cannot exist.

Printskrin: Youtube/MSNBC

Printskrin: Youtube/MSNBC

T: Have you met Melanija Trump?

- Yes, I have. She is gorgeous. We met two times up to now. First time it was in Puerto Rico, where she was in Trump's company. I also have those photos somewhere. She speaks fluent Serbian, besides her mother tongue, Slovenian, but also English, French, and German. She said that Trump won her with his charm and intelligence. She was often in his company, but when they got their son Baron, we could not see her that often. She is raising her son to be an exact copy of his father. He already wears mini suits, plays golf, and orders the employees. Melanija is a very nice person, she has got a beautiful smile and energy. She is a real blessing for Donald, who can sometimes be harsh, and sometimes explicit. He often states that they have sex at least once a day, he adores that role of a macho man.

They got married in 2005. Their guest were his today's opponents, Hilary and Bill Clinton. Before that, Melanija Knaus was a student of design, and a model in the city of Ljubljana. She came to the modelling world from the textile center Sevnice in Slovenia, and then continued to Italy and then New York. There, she became a part of Trump's modelling agency. They met at a party during Fashion week in the Big Apple. I am thrilled by her style. I think that she will be the most beautiful and the most elegant First lady, if Trump becomes the president. Her model is Jacky Kennedy. Also, she is not very prominent in Trump's campaign. This is her choice, she does not want to be too present.

T: When are you going to meet Trump again and are there some other similarities between the two of you, except your pose?

- There is another one - we both like Adele! And when are we going to meet again!? Now that he is not my boss anymore, I can make an interview with him! It is my intention to make a portrait of Donald Trump, of course, my way. When we meet I will ask him and settle the details. Maybe he will become the president. Anyhow, I wish him all the best. The new owner is an extremely strong company - IMG Corporation which made a successful Final night on December 19, 2015 in Las Vegas. One of the members of the vote committee said "Thank God Trump is no longer here!" which also can be prearranged. Good PR makes wonders.


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